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Album Cover For Kelly Rowland’s ‘Here I Am’

After years of what some bloggers and some writers call ‘Kelly Rowland Oppression‘, Kelly seems to be liberated, emancipated and free to say ‘Here I Am’…

Days after BET Awards, the amazing ‘Motivational’ performance Kelly Rowland dished out is still on the lips of many, an indication that the talented singer is ready to rock the world and take away what has been stolen from her for years.

I just came across the above Kelly Rowland’s upcoming album cover and it says it all…Kelly is free and and HERE to rock. Do you like the art work for the album?


New Music: Tyga ft C Breezy ‘Snapback Back’

These two are done with the slow raps and are now on something a little more rough and ready. Personal I’m not feeling this new track.

Check it.

Beyonce Dresses Down In London Camden Town

I don’t know what’s more surprising, Beyonce’s teeny frame or her dressing down. I have only ever seen this chick in heels! I reckon if I had been in Camden yesterday morning, aside from her guards and hubby I wouda walked right past her. Not sure what’s up the the hair but hey at least you get to see a more normal and imperfect side to her. The boots look kinda manky but hey she was just doin a mini marathon work out at Glastonbury so we’ll allow her, just this once!

FINALLY! Jay Z has cut that picky fro! If he was still rockin’ that I would have left his pic out!

Picture Source: Concrete Loop

Mike Tyson Reweds His Wife Lakiha

After Two years of marital bliss it seems, Mike Tyson and Wife Lakiha have renewed their vowels in Las Vagas, where else?! The happy couple apparently invited guests to their supposed joint birthday celebrations only to reveal they were about to witness them renewing their wedding vows in a traditional Muslim ceremony.

The surprise element was apparently to keep it as quiet and low key as possible. The couple were said to be remarrying due to not being able to make a big deal out of it the first time when they secretly married in Vegas in 2009.

Picture Source: TMZ

Spot The Difference!


Yesterday in NYC Madame Tussaudes Alicia did an unveiling of her wax works. It was good enough for me to do a double take! At least that got they curvaceous figure on point!

More Pix when you read more!

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

The urban blogs are still rife with pics of the BET awards and there are some cul pix of celebs chillin out during the show. Didn’t see a reason to bore y’all with pics of beautiful people sitting and posing for pictures….until of course I came across Mr Jada-Pinkett Smith & Mrs Will Smith Mr & Mrs Will Smith. From they way these two are sitting, we know who wears the pants in this marriage…dang Jada CLOSE YA LEGS!

NEW MUSIC: DJ Khaled ft Mary J, Fabolous & Jada Kiss ‘It Aint Over Till It’s Over’

Hot features, hot joint. Check out new track produced by DJ Khaled. Lovin it!

Bey’s Full Interview With ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’


So here we go! 45 minutes of Beyonce chit chatting away with Piers Morgan In London about her new album (of course) singing for the Obama’s turning 30 and her relationship with Jay Z. As usual Beyonce gives a polite and guided interview and is all smiles the entire time. I’d like to say Piers does a good job at firing off some honest and upfront question to her about her career and personal relationships.

Check it.

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Beyonce Speaks On Racism On Piers Morgan Tonight

Beyonce is in London and don’t we know it! From Glastonbury’s to Harrods to the Piers Morgan Show. Beyonce talks to piers in this sneak peak video about her Obama performance and her opinion on race. Beyonce states ‘I don’t think people think about my race’. I’m inclined to disagree!

Check out pics and video Below

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Kelly Rowland ‘Motivates’ At The BET Awards+Kelly Covers Monarch Magazine

Kelly was not playin’ at this years BET award and gave the performance of her musical career. For a second I thought it was Janet Jackson the way she was shakin’ and whinin’ up on that stage.

Kelly is on the promo circuit hardcore and has covered this month’s issue of Monarch magazine. Her image has been revved up a notch and is putting it all on show to compete with the best of them.


What Lil Kim Did On The Day She Boycotted The BET Awards…

Prior to yesterday’s BET Awards, Lil Kim made it clear via Twitter that she will not be there, rather she will be with her friends from the LGBT Community to celebrate a Gay Pride event.

At the time Lil Kim’s number 1 rap rival Nicki Minaj was taking up her Award, Queen B could not be bothered, she was in New York catching fun with her friends.

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