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Reggie’s Dating A Kim K Look-A-Like!

I guess they say when you hook up with someone new who looks like someone you used to date, then you aren’t quite over that person. Take a look at Reggie Bush’s new GF Malissa Molinaro, 28 was born in Canada. The U.S. based pop singer, actress, choreographer and model has apparently been dating Reggie since last Christmas.Remind you of anyone?

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New Music: Game ft C Breezy ‘Pot Of Gold’

Is Game getting soft in his old age? He aint been around in a minute and I weren’t expecting him to come back with a joint like this. Guess he feelin’ a little sentimental. Just seems more like the track should be Chris Brown ft Game, that just me.

Omarion Poses For ‘Contributing Editor’ Magazine

Check out RnB singer Omarion like you aint seen him before. In this wacky yet bright and fun shoot, Omarion lets go a little and has fun on this fun house shoot. It’s a little out there but I kinda like it. We’ve seen him do enough of the posey ‘I’m sexy as hell’ type photo shoots, this one is a much more tasty combination! ‘wink wink’.

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Raven Symone Interviews With ‘Rolling Out’ Magazine

Raven Symone talks to Rolling Out magazine about her new life since her ‘New Figure, New Show and New State of Mind’. Since dropping the pounds Raven is determined to get her self out there and make the most of the wanted attention she is receiving surrounding her weight loss. She certainly looks fab and has made her looks five years younger.

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New Music: Minaj & MJB ‘Feel Inside’

I am NO fan of Nicki, to me she tries to damn hard to be different and eccentric with them crazy sounded lyrics and facial expressions. Seems MJB must have told her how she wants this to go coz it’s actually GOOD! Infact it HAWT! Love me some MJB. The goss is that the track is not official so don’t be expecting a video any time to soon, I was thinking it was a bit too short and sweet. According to sources close to MJB the tracks were recorded as separate tracks and later were merged together either way I reckon SOMEONE (lil Kim) gon be real pissy about this one!

Check it…it’s on repeat!

photo source:aceshowbiz

Sade Adu Show’s She Still Got It

In a recent concert in NYC Sade Adu wowed her audience with her timeless tracks that took you down a trip on memory lane. The contemporary tracks just show how timeless she will always be. Sade, 52 just looks amazingly classy and I would have LOVED to have been there singing along to ‘Sweetest Taboo’. The concert turned into a Karaoke night we her audience singing along to every lyric. Fingers crossed she makes her way over to the UK. Don’t make me get on a plane Sade ‘wink wink’.

Check out her performance at New York’s Nassau Coliseum.



Beyonce’s Exclusive Album Commercial For Target

Seeing as a whole lotta us ‘overseas’ won’t get to watch this on main stream tv, check out Bey’s new commercial to promote the album ‘4’. In a short and laid back behind-the-scene type commercial, Beyonce reveals that she took the time out but observe from her fan’s point of view for inspiration on the album. Plus you get an extra 6 tracks on the album OR wait for them to be leaked on all the sites ‘wink wink’.

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New Music: Enrique Iglesias ft Usher & Lil Wayne ‘Dirty Dancer’

This callabo is enough for me to know it’ll be a club banger. Though considering he confessed on Lopez tonight that he couldn’t dance, he’ll want be busting any moves with Usher any time soon! The video is very predictable but am likin’ it. Check it…

Is Chris Brown Truly Apologizing To The Gay Community After Using The Word Gay As An Insult Or Just Justifying…

Sometimes I do not understand why some celebrities get themselves into such BS and then instead of throwing honestly apology, they try to hide behind words line INTENTION to justify why they passed some ill and disrespectful comments…

According TMZ, Chris Brown was nearly given a parking ticket yesterday in LA which he thought that, the paparazzis around had called the ticket officer to get him issued with a ticket.

Chris then resulted to rants, saying to the paparazzis “Y’all n**gas is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y’ALL N**GAS IS GAY.

From the above, he clearly used the word ‘GAY’ as an insult. Today, Chris Brown has taken to twitter to apologize justify his use of the word GAY as an insult by riding on the word ‘INTENTION‘.

Who cares about your damn intention? You do not go about saying shyt like this…Instead to apologize, you are looking to justify your poor choice of words.

New Music Video: ‘I Wanna Go’ By Britney Spears

Britney Spears has finally released the video for her latest single ‘I Wanna Go’ and I am loving it. This is one of her best videos in her career so far.

Check the video below…

Celeb Photos: Funny Face Gestures ‘Nicki Minaj’ Out & About In Hollywood…

The Hip Hop star with the funny face gestures ‘Nicki Minaj’ was spotted out & about in Hollywood with her team of body guards leaving the famous Katsuya.

Because of the repeated weird and funny face gestures, I think even at her default state, she is beginning to look WEIRD

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