What The Hell Is Wrong With Tracy Morgan These Days, Jumps From Insulting Gays To Retards…

I wonder what has come over Tracy Morgan with his recent poor choice of words. Tracy came under intense fire recently for saying, he would stab his son to death if he spoke in a “gay voice”.

This careless comment lead to series of blasts and concern from the gay community and Tracy was forced to apologize. I am saying force because he has done it again in just some few days.

This time, Tracy has moved away from Gay insults to another minority group in society ‘mentally and physically disabled’.

According TMZ, over the weekend in New York, Tracy made another silly comment as he warned his audience that “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids.”  The audience groaned, but Tracy didn’t stop:  “Them young retarded males is strong.  They’re strong like chimps.” 

As if the above was not enough,  Tracy Morgan continued with his poor diction by saying, he ‘reminisced about a girl he once dated, describing her as “a cripple” with a prosthetic arm, a mechanical larynx and a portable dialysis machine’.

Damn, this dude better check into Rehab before he kills his own career!


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