Kim Kardashian Bites The Dust: Wedding Photos!

Even though there are much more serious and more interesting news out there we surely can’t ignore Kim Kardashian’s glamorous and celeb filled wedding. Kim Kardashian said I do to her groom Kris Humphries  in front of 40 guests. Rumour has it that she changed into two different wedding dresses and throughout the ceremony changed into four different pairs of Louboutins. As far fetched as that sounds, I can believe it.

As People magazine have exclusive rights to the pictures we only have a few here for you to feast your eyes on if your interested. Well I’m in two minds about the authenticity of this wedding but hey good luck to her. Kim for one is not concerned about what I think, she’ll be way to busy counting the millions(17.9) of dollars she’s likely to make from this wedding!

Check out the pics and behind the scenes video…


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