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Fantasia Aint Playin’…Sets Date For Baby Shower On Lovers Previous Wedding Anniversary

If you’ve been following the saga of Fantasia’s love affair with another woman’s man, you’ll not be surprised to hear the latest. I want to say this is typical media making somethin’ outta a whole lot of nothing BUT really Fantasia, you couldn’t have just picked another date to have your baby shower on? This is all going to make her look really foolish when he turns and does the dirty…jus’ sayin’.

Now readying herself for the arrival of her baby boy former American Idol Winner, Fantasia Burrino appears to be adding salt to her man’s ex-wife’s wounds. The baby shower is set for the 01st of October the day her man Antwan cook married his former wife Paula. That’s kinda shallow though, right? Damn…

Randomness: Rapper Wale Shows Off His Nike Collection

…seems rapper Wale has nothin’ better doin’ than to randomly pose with his Nike collection. I figure we humour him and not sound jealous and give him some face time. Lebron James posted the pic on facebook of Wale and his proud collection. Though when a rapper of his supposed success lives in a small apartment, there isn’t much to be jealous of really is there…

Kelly Debuts Diddy’s New ‘Empress’ Perfume

It seems Kelly Rowland’s feet have not hit the ground. Kelly was recently appointed as the face of Diddy’s new perfume, ‘Empress’.  The official launch party took place at Macy’s inNew York City and she looked fab in a cute black wrap dress and plunging neckline.

When initially asked about asked about being the face of the perfume, Kelly responded:

“I decided to be an Empress Ambassador because I stand behind the notion of what the fragrance represents,” says Rowland. “We are starting a movement with Empress! Every woman is beautiful, powerful in her own right.”

During the launch Kelly also took time out and promo op to sign copies of her new Album ‘Here I Am’. Kelly sure is on the up and up.

More Pics after the jump

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Celebs Out On The Town: Solange Knowles At Rimmel London Global Conference

Solange Knowles seldom gets it wrong of late when she hits the hot events. Solange has defiantly made a definitive name for herself in terms of her style and grace.

As the new face of Rimmel London Cosmetics, duty called earlier in the week when the singer/Dj attended an event to celebrate Rimmel’s 10 year partnership with the Model Icon, Kate Moss. The event also launced Kate Moss’s latest Lipstick range for Rimmel London.

As the spokesperson for Rimmel’s collection I’m sure you’ll agree Solange did not fail with this gorgeous vibrant yellow dress, nails to match and those amazing shoulder length curls.

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Audio: Swizz Beatz Alleged Mistress Speaks On Madd Hatta Morning Show…

The Swizz Beatz cheating drama is getting more interesting each day…Christina Elizabeth, the young lady who is said to have had affair with Swizz Beatz stretching to a recent sexting, suggesting that, Swizz Beatz is out there cheating on Alicia Keys stopped by on Madd Hatta Morning Show for a Swizz Beatz Relationship chat…LOL

Check out the audio interview and the written excerpt below…

So there was some sexting that took place between you and he since he’s been married to Alicia Keys?

Yes, this is correct.

Did you send him nude photos of yourself?
They weren’t all the way nude I can say.

What would partial nude be?
My backside and that was it.

Swizz Beatz is probably going to say this is not true.
Yes, of course, my reason for saying that is because he’s in a position where he has a lot to lose and I can understand that. You’re in front of a million people and you already messed up one time and you marry this gorgeous woman that everybody loves [and] then you do it again.

What made you want to go ahead and tell your part of the story?
Well, it’s because it’s the second time this happened. I tried to explain this to my family. The only reason I said something is because it’s super embarrassing. People know me. If people are constantly calling you something and telling you, ‘you’re this, that and the other’, you’re going to want to say “Okay, listen you can’t make me out to be this person because this not what happened. You don’t know the full story.” So after a while, I was like “I can’t take it anymore.”

Your response to those who call you a ‘home wrecker’ is….
That’s your opinion.

Did you want an on going relationship with him or just thought he was a cool person to hang out with because you were very clear he was a cool cat. 
He is. He’s a very nice person. I can say that we’ve been friends before all of this and then this happened, it was on & off. I’ve been in relationships where I still communicated with him. There was nothing sexual going on between him and I when I was in a relationship and even recently it wasn’t sexual. I mean it could’ve gotten to the point but everything happens for a reason.

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New Music: ‘Until It’s Gone’ By Monica…


Monica released a single ‘Anything (To Find You)‘ from her 7th studio album ‘New Life‘ which hits the stores on November 29 few days ago and for some reason (people are saying it is not doing well), she has released another track ‘Until It’s Gone’ for her fans in preparation for the big album day…

Listen to ‘Until It’s Gone’ below…

Showtime: Swizz Beatz Mistress Speaks Out…

In case you haven’t been keeping up with what’s up with mess that is Swizz Beatz and his illustrious shinanigans, we have the hot goss on his alleged mistress Christina Elizabeth, the woman who claims to still be having an affair with Swizz Beatz.

According to the affair which started as far back as 2007 when Swizz Beatz was married to his now ex-wife Mashonda has continued now he is married to singer Alicia keys.

The saga all started when Christina, claimed her Blackberry was recently stolen. Since the saga all those involved have taken to Twitter, with Swizz and Alicia dismissing the rumours and laughing off the stories. Mashonda is no doubt rubbing her hands together as she twitted ‘Showtime’ but was later removed.

Christina gave an exclusive statemenet to Bossip who have posted the original e-mails exchanged when they first met and have since posted the recent exchanges of the sexts the two exchanged.

It really does seem like Alicia isn’t having none of it, either that or she is in denial or showing a brave face for the public and is in actual fact devastated. Either way, no smoke without fire, besides this chick appears to have a lot of evidence and a lot to say on the whole saga. My thing is, how foolish is swizz? What made you think she wouldn’t ever out you? You had a fling with her then skipped over her head and went and married someone else as if to say, you’re only good for knocking boots and not good enough to settle with…home girl has no loyalties so far as I can see.

Check the statement and bb messages after the jump….

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NEW MUSIC: Estelle ‘Thank You’

British Born Singer Estelle is on the money with this track ‘Thank You’. Dare I say the Grammy award winning Singer/Rapper/Songwriter vocals are touching on the likes of Mary J. Written by Akon and produced by Jerry Wonder the new track is taken of her fourth coming album ‘All Of Me’.  I can’t fault the track musically or vocally and sounds like Akon maybe doing a little backing on this one.  I feel a remix coming on! Watch this space for details of her new up and coming album.

Check it….


Mary J. Blige Poses For Ebony Magazine: Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

Mary J Blige poses for the cover of Ebony magazine and gives us a little behind the scenes sneak peak of the shoot. In the article Mary talks finding her soulmate and fighting her demons.

Check out the behind the scenes shoot.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Idris Elba ‘Private Garden’

We’re a little late on this one! So if you aint heard/seen the new video by Idris Elba, here we have it. Idris is one busy man right now as he releasing the first single , Idris shot the video in beautifulSan Juan,Puerto Rico. I honestly didn’t see this one coming but as far as talent a sound goes, he wasn’t likely to let this talent unnoticed.

Check it…

Private Garden from Crystle Clear Roberson on Vimeo.

Celeb Photos: Nicki Minaj At Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012 Fashion Show + Rihanna Out & About

Are you feeling Nicki Minaj’s outfit? This is how Nicki Minaj, 29, appeared at Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2011 Fashion Show in NY yesterday…

For a night out at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica yesterday, Pop singer Rihanna got her wardrobe together and to be frank, I am loving the jacket…

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