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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Neyo ft. Trey Songz & T-Pain ‘The Way You Move’

Taken from Neyo’s…studio album ‘The Cracks In Mr. Perfect’, Neyo parties hard along side Trey Songz and T-pain for his latest track ‘The Way You Move.

Neyo is apparently allowing his fans to decide whether the track should make the album…apparently.

Check out the video and the behind the scenes footage.


Stars Get A Beat Down! Usher In Parking Lot Brawl+Keri Attacked On Stage In Paris!

The perks of being a star… on-call Bodyguards (aka Elvis Presley).  I’m not sure Usher would have stood a chance against this deranged woman who was intent of getting hold of the RnB star.

According to the one and only TMZ, the story goes that Usher decided to arrogantly parked in a handicapped spot and the woman decided it was her duty to get him to move his car (which he didn’t). Looks like she got in one right hook at least…

Meanwhile, Keri was doing what she does best ( ‘men-bashing’) when she was jumped on during performance in Paris. The fan apparently rushed up their for a kiss and got something else instead.  The over excited fan didn’t quite get what he went on stage for when he was

More Videos and Pics After the jump!

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New Music Video: ‘Party’ By Beyonce Feat J. Cole

Beyonce has released a video for her tune ‘Party’ Feat J.Cole…In less than a month, Beyonce has released 3 fantastic music videos.

‘Party’ has cameo appearances from Solange, Kelly Rowland, rapper Theophilus London, eye-wear designers Coco & Breezy and up-and-coming model Shaun D. Ross.

Check out the video below…

White Folks News: Michael Lohan Has Been Arrested AGAIN

Michael Lohan has been arrested AGAIN in Florida less than 12 hours after his release…DAMN!

Why was he arrested? Michael Lohan went straight away to do what he was prohibited from doing…Michael was expressly told this by a Judge before being released…. “you even dream of Kate Major and you’re going to jail!”

Michael Lohan’s was picked up again by law enforcement officers for allegedly contacting his GF Kate Major. Geez, I told he was just told not to do that?

And the funny side of his arrest is that, he tried to escape by jumping off a 3rd-story balcony and landing 34 feet to the ground.

Tampa police went straight for Michael after Kate reported that he has been trying to contact her by phone and that he would not leave her alone…

Officers believed that Michael was a ‘threat’ and they had to quickly go in to arrest him.

Shortly after his arrest, Kate released a statement saying :

He has no regard for the justice system. He can beat up women but Mr. tough guy who slurred his words calling me 5 times after getting out of jail wasn’t too tough by jumping off a 3rd floor balcony into a tree to try to flee from going back to the same jail he just got released from less than 12 hours ago Maybe they have phonics books in jail!

I have no idea what the Judge will do this time…Probably lock him up or order some psychiatric evaluation…

Michael Vick Covers UPTOWN Magazine Oct/Nov Issue

Michael Vick has graced the cover of UPTOWN Magazine Oct/Nov Issue with his fine self…In this issue he shares his victory, failure and other stories…

If you love a fine chocolate tall handsome man, then this is the copy for you to grab.

Here are some of the things he shares with the Mag:

I am determined to become a better student of the game and I knew I had to work at it,” says Vick. “I was young when I was in Atlanta. I’m older now. I’ve been through a lot and I think I’ve matured. I had some good years there, but I’m just so thankful to be in Philadelphia right now. I could not have landed in a better city. This is my home. This is where I want to be, and I take this opportunity seriously.

I never thought this day would come,” Vick said.

[Two years ago], I was happy just to be on a team. When I was in prison, I prayed for another opportunity. And when I signed with the Eagles, that opportunity had come. I was ecstatic at that point, and I’m even happier now.


For more, visit UPTOWN Magazine

Drake and Nicole Scherzinger Together?

Former Pussychat Doll singer and X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is rumoured to be kicking the boots hard with Drake after days of breaking up with her long term boyfriend and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton…

Nicole Scherzinger and Drake were spotted entering the popular Cecconi’s restaurant West Hollywood last night….Actually they entered separated. However, the gossip on the ground is that, they are knocking it hard together…

Drake and Nicole Scherzinger? What do you think?

White Folks News: Sylvester Stallone Sued Over Expendables

Veteran action actor Sylvester Stallone is being accused of stealing ideas for his The Expendables movie screenwriter Marcus Webb who has filed a lawsuit in NY alleging that the Expendables scrapped his script for a project called Cordoba Caper..

Oops! I watched Expendables and I love it but if this is true, then Stallone will have some damage control to do….

Sylvester Stallone co-wrote the movie’s script for the 2010 movie…The movie brought together action stars such as Expendables Bruce Willis, Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger .

According to Reuters…

the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday, alleges Stallone’s movie is “strikingly similar and in some places identical” to Webb’s work and demands unspecified damages for copyright infringement as well as an injunction to stop work on The Expendables sequel.

New Music Video: ‘Until It’s Gone’ By Monica

On monday, Monica clocked 31 years and to mark this day, she released her music video for the tune ‘ Until It Is Gone’.

Surely you really won’t know what you have until it is all gone. It has happened to before!

Check out the video below

Photos + Video Of Lil Kim At Club Arena-Queens

The Queen B herself stepped out to Club Arena in Queens over the weekend looking fly… She took the partying up to Area Ultra Lounge.

After partying, she later took to the stage to perform a new track that she has been featured on titled, ‘O.D’.

Lil Kim was looking good! Check out photos and video after the jump…

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Drake Takes It To Vagas For His 25th Birthday

Drake hit up popular Las Vagas hot spot Tao to celebrate his 25th birthday over the weekend. Drake did what he does best and took to the mike for most of the night…must be a trip to be celebrating your birthday and raving to your own track…nice!

Drake rocked up to the club in a signature print Versace blue shirt and toasted the crowd by saying ‘he is up for whatever’

The next day, the Young Money artist tweeted, “Momma I feel so alive…I made it to 25. Thank you all.” Happy birthday, Drake!

Check out the clip of the celebrations…


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: The Dream ft Big Sean ‘Ghetto’

Taken from his 1977 album The Dream drops another music video for the track ‘Ghetto’.

Check it…