Movies: Ice Cube Is Bringing A New ‘FRIDAY’ Flick With John Witherspoon, Chris Tucker & Others

By now you must have heard that Ice Cube is talking with those who made his movie ‘FRIDAY’ a hit as he will be coming at us with a new ‘FRIDAY’ flick pretty soon.

Ice Cube has already managed to pull strings with comedian Chris Tucker and has recently spoken to John Witherspoon who is more than happy to return to the set of ‘FRIDAY’…

John Witherspoon is reported to have said …“Cube always has bunch fine women on the set. I am an old black man, how could I not look forward to taping with a bunch of pretty girls surrounding the set?”

If you did love the ‘FRIDAY’ sequel especially the first one like I did, then be happy because we will definitely be having another one soon!

Do you remember it now? LOL


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