Spinderella Goes In On Celebrity DJs, Calls Out Alicia Keys & Lil Wayne

I knew someone will get pissed at this new celebrity order of various celebrity musicians turning into DJs…Why does celebrities especially musicians think they can do everything? You see them jump into TV presenting and then movies and now they seem to be turning into DJs…

If you are not aware, Beyonce’s sister has been djing at private events for quite some time and Erykah Badu has also been DJing for years now under the name DJ Lo Down.

Recently, Alicia Keys has been jumping unto the DJ wagon as ‘DJ AK-47’ and just few days ago Kanye West debuted as ‘YeezyWorldPeace’ as he spun at the grand opening of 1 OAK in Las Vegas.

Lil Wayne has also been on the wagon and even Dj’ed on New Year’s Eve party in Miami.

And guess what, someone is already pissed as I envisaged. Salt & Pepa’s DJ Spinderella who has been in the game for over 25 years took to Twitter  and went in hard on Alicia Keys and Lil Wayne while ranting about all these celebrities turning djing into a “trend” instead of “bleed[ing]” the culture.

This is how she puts it…

“First DJ Ak-47 (Alicia Keys) and now DJ wih wih wiggity Wayne? WTH who’s next?

@planet12law it’s disgusting. recod sales down .. become a Dj? FOH.

Djing is just a ‘trend’ now. artists jump on the bandwagon cause it’s the ‘in’ career move. what about real Djs that ‘bleed’ this culture?[…]

I rapped on a few joints back then.. and was dope at it.. but never claim to be a ‘rapper’ ..BTW.. I do lessons for anyone who wants to learn. but we startin ground ZERO”

The problem is seeing those who choose Djin as a ‘novelty/trend’ when real Djs are being overlooked for jobs given to a ‘non’ Dj wit a name

Case in point: ‘Jersey Shores’ Pauly D is makin ROLLING STONE $$$ and promoters are paying it.. question is was he a DJ before Serato?

Todays aspiring djs shouldnt rely on ‘technology’ to make them a dj.. technology is a crutch.. the ‘heart’ of djin lies in the foundation..

Serato made it easy.. but my back still hurts from yrs of crate carrying #DJWARWOUNDS..

Technology is awesome and we must grow with it, but dont call your self a dj if your not studying your dj lessons

Its not about young and old, its about experience!!. ive met djs under the age of 25 with more dj heart than some of these golden era djs

i get it..’musiclovers’ wanna broaden theyre horizons and share the love of music thru djing.. but commanding Gs for somethin you dont do?

Trust, your paying the price as the promoter is charging ‘you’ the patron a ‘GRIP’ in order to pay your fav celeb non dj..

If i hurt anyones feelings, trust me it will make you a better dj

DJ = Disc Jockey: one who spins discs on a machine to play music… TJ = Technology Jockey: one who utilizes technology to play music

Now, ima DJ and a TJ.. and theres nothing wrong with ‘either’ but the word DJ is being used too loosely.. this defines it for me

Via AllHipHop


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