Photos: Beyonce & Jay Z Introduce Blue Ivy Cater To The World

Contrary to speculations that Beyonce and Jayz were going to sell the photos of their baby-Blue Ivy Carter to the highest paying magazine or tabloid, they decided to release the photos on their blog for FREE yesterday to the world…

And the baby is so so cute…Bless Beyonce!




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  1. 20-cent says:

    fake baby really fake
    they pay mybe miljoen dollar to make baby good!!
    i meen
    beyonce’s dad and mam afro, and j-z dad and mam afro,
    and j-z his hare is afro, and beyonce also have different hairs everyday!!
    so where come this hair baby.. and colour!

    • tracie taylor says:

      I think the person who put that comment is a very sad person, its a baby, some baby’s are born with hair some are not, get a grip, she is lovely, a very lucky little girl.

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