Whitney Houston Cause of Death Confirmed+Bobby Brown’s Sister Claim Ray J Was Whitney’s Drug Runner On The Night

After weeks of waiting and deliberation, details of Whitney Houston’s tragic death have now been released. The Los Angeles County Coroner has this week released what took Whitney’s life. According to the eagerly awaited report the legendary singer’s death came due to accidental drowning. Further to this the autopsy also revealed that cocaine was found in her system.

Whilst many may not be surprised about this however details of the what is likely to have taken place that night have also been revealed. It is believed that aside from the amount of cocaine found in Whitney’s system, there were no drugs found at the scene where the celebrity lost her life. In addition to this piece of information the reported stated that additional drugs were found in her system namely marijuana, Benadryl and Xanax. These was ruled out as contributing factors to Whitney’s death.

Leolah on Ray J:

When I first saw the news, I saw Ray J coming out of the hotel hiding his head being pushed into the car. I looked and I said why is he hiding? Why is he hiding his face? He’s always trying to show his face when he’s around Whitney. Why now? Why are you trying to hide now Ray J? I put it all together; when I first heard she passed away I said, “My God, somebody gave her a bad bag.” [Cocaine?] Yes, that was the first thing that came out of my mouth and then I saw Ray J and it all added up. So I am going to believe that Ray J who Whitney told me she had no relationship with….. Now this is a young boy who’s running around telling people that he is a boyfriend of Whitney’s. I know clearly that he wasn’t. He was like she said, a runner boy. For some reason, he knows somebody that sells drugs and he was buying them for Whitney for what I know and giving her drugs.

I want to know why this boy was allowed to do that around Pat and around Gary. Around Pat mainly because you were with her all the time. For you to say that you don’t know what happened to her, I’m really disturbed by that.”


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On if she personally knew Ray J:

No I did not know Ray J but I can tell you this…Ray J to me, I can tell you Whitney told me out of her own mouth that she never — Ray J was a — I asked Whitney. I said, ‘Whitney, what is Ray J to you?’ She laughed. She laughed so hard she almost fell out the chair. She said, ‘Nothing.’ She said, ‘Nothing at all.’ She said Ray J was a runner boy. I said a runner boy? She said that they were never together so this stuff about Ray J…there’s a lot of games being played here with Ray J using Whitney’s name to say that he’s with Whitney Houston. That is — I doubt it very, very much.

Many people including fans may not have known of Whitney’s prolonged atherosclerotic heart disease which according to the reports suggests that along with her extensive use of cocaine is likely to have contributed to a heart attack pass out, and eventually drown.

It’s strongly believed that the person that bought the drugs over to Whitney removed the cocaine before help arrived at the hotel. Further reports suggested that ‘other items were removed from the room as well, including bed sheets.

Patricia Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager released a statement on behalf of the family saying they’re just happy to have some closure:

“We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure.”

Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown goes on record to say she thinks the Whitney’s drug runner on that night was Ray J.



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