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New Music Video: ‘Triumphant’ By Mariah Carey ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill

Judge Orders Usher To Re-open Tameka’s Saks Credit Card..Custody Battle Continues

Though no judgement has been handed down yet by Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane on who gets to have the two cute boys in the Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s long custody battle, the judge has ordered Usher to re-open his ex-wife Tameka’s Fifth Avenue credit card-SAKS which is in his name.

Since the beginning of the court battle, Tameka has been asking the court to force Usher to reinstate her card which he cancelled,claiming that the card has become a necessity to her and her her business…

For whatever reason the Judge saw, he has found it equitable that Tameka should be given the card back. He has ordered Usher must pay owed nanny fees in the amount of $1300.

It seems things are tipping to the side of Tameka….

PHOTOS From Ciara’s Music Video Shoot In Malibu, CA

If you want to talk about celebrities with mad bikini bodies, you cannot count Ciara out of it.

Few days ago on the set of her new music video for her single ‘Sorry’, in Malibu, California, Ciara showed off her toned body and she was looking GREAT! Well in shape…

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Beyonce Performs ‘I Was Here’ For World Humanitarian Day

Beyonce brought ‘Life’ unto the floor of the United Nations by shimmery storm when she performed- I Was Here…

In honour of World Humanitarian Day, Beyonce sung her heart out…

Check out the video below


PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Spotted Grabbing Yogurt In Hawaii

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend-Kanye West continue to get the attention from Hawaii where they are staying for Kanye West to finish his album…

Yesterday, they were spotted at Yogurtland where they were treating themselves to some yogurt!

Usher Raymond Vrs Tameka Raymond Custody Battle Concludes

According to celebrity blogger Sandra Rose, she has gotten the inside scoop on the conclusion of RnB star Usher Raymond and ex wife Tameka Raymond’s custody battle…

Sandra says..

The judge presiding over the contentious Raymond vs Raymond child custody hearing called an emergency meeting after closing arguments today. This, according to my confidential source who was seated in the courtroom during closing arguments.

The confidential source told there were two high points in the closing from both sides in this case: Tameka wants her child support to increase by 3k monthly, she also wants her nanny pay to be reimbursed to her in the amount of 34k. She doesn’t want Usher to have over night guests while the kids are with him, and she is adamant about having him return her Sak’s Fifth Avenue credit card back to her.

Tameka’s attorney Lisa West was emotionally moved in court when she learned that Usher is refusing to pay her attorney fees. Both parties asked for an emergency hearing to determine exactly what was spent for Tameka’s legal fees. This move will likely delay the decision by the judge to rule on the overall case. West’s legal fees are said to have exceeded $125k and Usher has already paid his attorneys $250k.

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Tweets Photos Of Her Perfect Body

Who will not love staying on a beautiful Island? Kanye West took his perfect biatch-Kim Kardashian with him to Hawaii where he is working on his upcoming album…

And Kim Kardashian seems to be loving every minute out there…In addition to the many shots that the paparazzi have taken of the two couple out there, Kim took to twitter to release these sexy photos…

Perfect body right?

PHOTO: Nicki Minaj Performs ON The ‘Today Show’ At NBC Studios

Rapper Nicki Minaj performed rocking dem red things performed live during a live taping of  Toyota Concert Series at NBC Studios in NY…

Looking hot!

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Kim Kardashian Flaunts The Backside At The Beach

Kim Kardashian was the beach in Hawaii on Sunday and as usual, she decided to let off the booty…I mean she was looking great from the back…LOL

No wonder Kanye West can’t leave her company!

Kanye West Brings Girlfriend-Kim Kardashian To Hawaii For Recording Sessions

Kanye West must be enjoying Kim K’s company to the extent that, he can’t even leave her to go and work…LOL

Kanye West was spotted in Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu over the weekend where he is doing some recording and Kim Kardashian was by his side..

The love birds went out for a bit of walk, and were later spotted heading towards Safeway…

Check out the photos below

Oprah Winfrey To Interview Olympics Gold Medallist Gabby Douglas

This is certainly another breaking point for Gabby Douglas who won 2 Gold Medals for the US Women’s Gymnastics team at the 2012 London Olympics.

Her success will not go unnoticed…Gabby Douglas will on Sunday, August 26th sit down with Oprah Winfrey for a special edition of ‘Next Chapter’ which will air on OWN.

Below is what has been put out…

Douglas will discuss her rise to Olympic gold and the intense and immediate media attention she found herself facing in London.

Winfrey will visit the host family that provided a second home for Douglas during her training, and visit the gym in West Des Moines, Iowa where Douglas trained six days a week in preparation for London. Winfrey will also speak with Gabby’s mother Natalie, who cheered Gabby on from the stands every day and stood behind her as she pursued her Olympic dreams.

You should not miss this for anything!