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Bow Wow Blasted By Baby Mama’s Sister For Neglecting His Daughter

Rapper Bow Wow got a bit of nasty attention on twitter when the sister of his baby mother blasted him on twitter for allegedly neglecting his own baby daughter, Shai (photo above).

Joie Chavis’ sister-Najah Chavis blasted and went as far as accusing Bow Wow and his mother, Teresa Caldwell, of not visiting Shai regularly nor contributing financially to her maintenance and up keep.

Having a baby with groupies when you are a Rapper is pretty easy but to stand up as a man and take responsible of the baby is what most of these rappers lack…

If all that were said is true, then a big shame unto Bow Wow!

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PHOTO: Oprah Winfrey Without Make Up…

If you have not seen Oprah Winfrey without make up before, then here she is…Not looking bad right?

I know of some celebrities who can’t do without a make up for a minute. They even sleep with it..LOL

Usher’s Ex Wife Says: Usher’s Sympathy For Her Dead Son Is ‘BOGUS’

The unending court battle between RnB star Usher and his wife-Tameka Raymond keeps getting messier each day…

It seems emotions are getting the better side of the two as they keep going hard on each ones neck any time we think they are getting close to a permanent settlement…

Read below for TMZ’s latest on how things have gotten to now….

Usher didn’t care about his ex-wife’s dead son … blew off his funeral … and is only PRETENDING to be affected by the tragedy to court sympathy from the media and his fans … this according to the singer’s ex-wife.

Tameka Raymond‘s lawyer has filed new documents in the couple’s bitter child custody war … slamming Usher … who asked the court to delay the next hearing in light of the death of Tameka’s son, Kile, who was killed in a jet ski accident.

In his request, Usher claims he’s worried the hearing would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children “in the immediate wake of this tragedy.”

Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son.  Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him.

But in docs of her own … Tameka’s lawyer claims Usher is full of crap … insisting U’s claims of suffering “stress and strain” are “BOGUS.”

In fact, she claims Usher didn’t care about her son at all in his final days — even though Usher regarded him as a son back when they were married.

“[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once” during his 15 days on life support … Tameka claims.

She also claims she had begged Usher to tweet a message about her son, “Please pray for Kile” … but he refused. Instead, Tameka claims, Usher’s next tweet was a photo of his own breakfast with the caption, “Breakfast of Champions.”

In her docs, Tameka claims Usher’s attempt to postpone the hearing is “simply a transparent sham” … and asks the judge to DENY Usher’s request and require him to appear at the next scheduled hearing, set for August 13.

She also claims resolving the custody battle is the only way for her to heal and move forward with her life.

Snoop Dogg To Fill The Last Remaining Judging Spot On America Idol?

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg who recently changed his name to Snoop Lion has mentioned in an interview this week that, he would to fill the last remaining judging spot on America Idol.

During the interview, Snoop is reportedly to have said, “I’ll do ‘American Idol'”

Few days ago, Mariah Carey stepped in the shoes of Jeniffer Lopez as a judge, a deal which fetched the former   a record $18 MILLION.

Reports say, America Idol spokesman Neil Schubert would not comment on whether Snoop was being considered to fill the empty seat.

Snoop on the Idol? It will be fun! LOL