Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Posts Racy Photo of Nicki Minaj on Instagram


It seems Mr. Papers and Lil Kim have split, if not then he was just seeking attention or perhaps he was hacked.

Last night Lil Kim’s baby daddy, My. Papers hopped on Instagram and posted a racy picture of Nicki Minaj, who is Kim’s arch nemesis.

Fans of Royal Reign’s mama went furious and dissed Papers of being disrespectful to her baby mama. “He jus mad cuz Kim left his broke ass an got wit the #MoneyTeam #Floydmaywheather #KimmyBlanco @mr_papers poor Lor tink tink lmao,” posted one angry Kim fan.

Another furious member team Lil Kim tweeted Mr. Papers: “Corny for disrespecting @LilKim Regardless if y’all together or not even having problems or not. Nobody believe your music now!”

To see the racy picture of Nicki posted by Mr. Papers CLICK HERE


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