Karrueche Tran’s Family Hates Chris Brown and that Makes her Sad


Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown may be back on after a crazy public breakup, but the model’s family is however upset that she continues to allow the “Loyal Singer” mistreat her.

According to reports, Karrueche’s ongoing on-again off-again relationship with Brown has created a huge tension in the former’s family. While she wants to be Mrs. Brown so badly, the family however thinks the singer is not the ideal guy for their daughter.

“Karrueche understands her family’s reasons for not liking Chris.
She’s tired of hearing them tell her how awful he’s treated her and
how she should leave him and be with someone else who they think will treat her better. Karrueche absolutely respects her family and loves them to death but she’s not going to leave Chris and it’s causing tension,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.com.

Karrueche wishes one day, Brown and his mom, Joyce Hawkins would sit together with her family for a dinner so they could sort things out. The insider added: “She’s hoping that Chris and Joyce Hawkins will be willing to sit down for a meal with some of her family and just hash their feelings out. She wants everything to be out in the open and address whatever issues the sides have”.

Well if Karrueche wants her family to like her boo then she should advice him to simply treat her well and not like a door mat. No family would be happy to see their daughter continues to be mistreated by her lover.


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