The Kardashians Cover Cosmopolitan Magazine as ‘America’s First Family’ & Folks Are Upset

Kardashians' Cosmopolitan Cover

Kardashians’ Cosmopolitan Cover

We’ve given the Kardashians a lot of attention, more than they deserve and they have cashed in on this attention—but now, we seem to be tired of them.

And therefore for Cosmopolitan to put the Kardashian family at the back of its latest issue—and call them ‘America’s first family’, they should have expected the backlash.

Folks are upset on social media, tweeting at the Cosmopolitan Magazine for what they consider as disrespecting to the Obama family—the true bearer of the first family title.

Check out some of the tweets below…

@Cosmopolitan MORE than tried it. They cannot be serious.

— Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) October 5, 2015


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One comment

  1. Brianna says:

    Yes, it’s an insult to the real first family. Another title could have taken them away from this mess.

    Have a funny prank with a fake DNA test from FakeABaby!

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