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50 Cent Sits With Piers Morgan For An Eye Opening Interview

First of all when I hear a celeb is being interviewed by Piers Morgan I know it will be a full on, honest and maybe sometimes offensively open interview. A celeb really needs to know what they’re about to let themselves in for when they agree to go on air with this media veteran. Piers is almost like a defense lawyer the way goes in hard on the celebs.

On this occasion 50 cent, better known as Curtis Jackson sat with Mr Morgan yesterday evening  and is very open and honest about who he is, who he was and how he made it so big. I was especially curious about what he had to say about his pops as he rarely ever gets a mention.

I gotta ask though…where them cornrows come from?

On a serious note check the full insightful interview below…


Fiddy Cent Does Jet Magazine & Promotes New Biography

In this month’s edition of JET magazine, the man of many entertaining talents, Fifty cent dishes the dirt on his upcoming book ‘50 Cent Playground: The Mostly True Story of a Reformed Bully’. During the interview 50 explains that he wrote the book he hopes will encourage kids to think about the reasons behind bullying and how it impacts communities. He tells the American weekly urban magazine:

“I was [a bully] at different points during my childhood,” the 36-year-old shares. “I was dealing with my emotions the wrong way. From a child’s perspective, you don’t understand. As an adult, you get that’s not the way to deal with things.”

“The story follows Butterball, a youngster who hits a kid on the playground… with a sock full of batteries. Butterball comes from a broken household and is dealing with relocating and feelings of powerlessness. “It’s for everyone,” he adds”.

“My son is 15, and I have conversations with him about things like this. He isn’t being bullied, but he meets people who have expectations of him because of the aggressive energy that I have and the content of the material I create. They look at him like he’s supposed to be like that,” he shares. “But he’s not. He doesn’t even know what it feels like to need for something. When we didn’t have any money, he was too young to notice.”






Photos: 50 Cent Rocks New Aphro Hair For Every Woman, Every Child Event

Rapper 50 Cent has some ‘mad’ hilarious side which he occassional shows. He is well in touch with humour and the way he dresses sometimes follow his comical veins.

Recently, he was spotted wearing some funny Jheri curls hair do. Just few days at the Every Woman, Every Child MDG Reception at the Grand Hyatt in New York, 50 cent rocked another funny ‘Aphro Hair’.

This looks better than the previous Jheri curls so I guess we will prefer him walking around with this rather than looking like some ‘Pimp or Punk’.

Are you feeling the New 50 Hair Do?

Fiddy’s Got The Magic Stick…ft Lil Kim In Australia

Still kinda surprises me that the likes of fiddy and Lil Kim have fans in Australia of all places but then again…why not. They hot right? Check out their joint performance in Perth,  Australia earlier this week.  Lil Kim of course had to give fiddy and sample during the track…

Check it

Fiddy Celebrates His 36th Birthday With New Mystery Girl

Fiffy was spotted out and about this weekend with Daphne Joy. They were out for dinner apparently celebrating early for his 36th birthday which is actually this Wednesday.

The 24 year old model from the Philippines has made appearances in Neyo’s music video ‘miss independent’ and a cameo appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

The two were also seen parading their romance on a beach in Mexico. Seems Daphne don’t mind Fiddy new hair!

More Pics after the Jump

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Fiddy’s Back With New Track ‘Outlaw’

This track is the ish! Yes 50 cent is coming back strong with this new joint. Love me some Fiddy!

Celeb Photos: 50 Cent Is Bringing Back S Curl Hair Style,Looking Like A Wanksta…

Rap star 50 cent will never cease to amaze me, the dude is funny and is not scared to try new things…

Though 50 has not been in the news much lately, he has mentioned on several platforms that he is a man keen on trying new things and this will manifestly been seen from his upcoming album ‘Black Magic’..

He mentioned to Tim Westwood few weeks ago that, he has been listening to different kinds of music as he is looking to feed his fans with a new style of rap… He was quick to add that, it is still the same old 50 cent but just trying out new things…

What I have never imagined about this whole trying out new things is that, 50 will revisit the old S curl hairstyle which he was spotted with last night in Aruba…

He is rocking it well though but geez, he looks like a wanksta instead of a Gangsta…