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Celeb Photos: Kim Kardashian, Solange Knowles, Estelle & Rapper Eve

Solange Knowles, Estelle, Kim K and several elebrities attended Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research’s Angel Ball 2011 at Cipriani on Wall Street on Monday’s night in NYC looking extremely stunning.

Personally, I think Eve is looking super fab! Best I have seen her so far…

Check out the photos below…

For Those Who Still Wanna See: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Wedding Photos….

The photos look great but not anything different from the everyday wedding. To be frank, I was expecting something super fab….I guess because it is Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Wedding, I was expecting to see something far from the everyday wedding photos we come across…

Anyway, enjoy the below photos from Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Wedding…What do you think?

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Celebs Spotted: Angela Simmons Celebrates 24th Birthday+Kim K Dares To Bare Too Much

When your Angela Simmons (aka daughter and niece of veteran hip hop moguls) you don’t just celebrate your 24th birthday on one day, you gotta take the whole weekend…and why not I say,Angela hung out with the ex BowWow at Club Play in Miami before jetting off to Miami beach with her girls. Angela looks cute in her colourful cut-out swimsuit (better known as a monkini).



More Pics after the jump…

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Kris Humphries Run-Into His Wife’s Sex Tape Partner Ray J + A Buyer Offering $30 Mill For The Tape

According to Vivid Entertainment, the company who currently owns the  sex tape featuring Ray J and Kim Kardashian, a buyer has offered them $30 million to acquire the right to the sex tape. Gosh, some one really wanted to pay this huge amount of money for a sex tape?

It is also reported that the said buyer also wants to purchase any other video Vivid Entertainment has in their possession which involves Kim K so as to get the sex tape completely out of the market. Doesn’t this sound like someone from Kim K’s camp looking to buy the tape and kill it off?

Celebrity blog-TMZ also caught up with Ray J last night to get his thoughts on the situation and he claims that he would “absolutely” love for the tape to be taken off of the market.Though Ray J claims not to know the potential buyer, he thinks the tape is worth much more than $30 million…

On the flip side, a Hollywood airline agent recently booked Kim Kardashian’s newly wedded husband-NBA star Kris Humphries and Ray J  on the same commercial flight sitting across from each other on a 1st class flight from LA to New Orleans recently. And guess what? Read more

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Turn It Up’ Sample Video

The video pretty much speaks for itself. Kim K apparently did this for ‘Charity’ so I guess she can say it’s cool to flaunt her be-hind. Personally I can’t give her a job well done on this one as it’s majorly over the top and really doesn’t take away from her lacking vocal talent. Aside from that…

Check it…


Kim Kardashian Bites The Dust: Wedding Photos!

Even though there are much more serious and more interesting news out there we surely can’t ignore Kim Kardashian’s glamorous and celeb filled wedding. Kim Kardashian said I do to her groom Kris Humphries  in front of 40 guests. Rumour has it that she changed into two different wedding dresses and throughout the ceremony changed into four different pairs of Louboutins. As far fetched as that sounds, I can believe it.

As People magazine have exclusive rights to the pictures we only have a few here for you to feast your eyes on if your interested. Well I’m in two minds about the authenticity of this wedding but hey good luck to her. Kim for one is not concerned about what I think, she’ll be way to busy counting the millions(17.9) of dollars she’s likely to make from this wedding!

Check out the pics and behind the scenes video…

The Real Reason Why Kim Kardashian Sued Old Navy Is Not About The Mere Use Of The Look Alike But…

I laughed my butt off when I read on certain blogs that Kim K was suing Old Navy for using a woman who looks like her. According to these blogs, Kim claim’s Old Navy intended to deceive people with this woman so that they will believe she (Kim K) was a spokesperson for Old Navy and as such Kim sued.

Which attorney will go to court with this absurd claim? Even as a law student, I do not see any potential win in such an absurd claim. How can Kim prove this? Is she claiming a person who looks like her should not be given a job? I saw her claim as frivolous and one which would have been thrown out of court.

TMZ has just reported that, Kim Kardashian’s lawsuit is on different grounds and not the above as people are claiming…

TMZ says the lawsuit was filed because Sears felt that the Old Navy commercial which used Kim K’s look alike compromised its advertisement campaign for Kardashian Kollection-an exclusive line of clothing and bedding that launches in about a month and a half.

It is reported that, the company feels the Kim K look alike ad creates confusion in the marketplace for consumers. If Kim is able to prove that indeed, the use of look alike does this to her own collection (business) which is already in the market, then she can win her suit…It is even reported that Sears executives actually questioned if Kim K was part of the Old Navy ads…The Executives were also confused, the very thing Kim K is talking about. So if she can prove this, she has a good case.

So you see, Kim K is not really bothered about any wannabe … but she cares about her business and a deal than can fetch her millions of cash…

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Celebs Out & About: Kim Kardashian & Vera Wang In NYC

Is that how Kim K rolls? Personal chit chats with the well-known wedding dress designer Vera Wang. Seeing As her wedding is practically months away in August Kim K and Vera will have a lot to talk about no doubt. To be honest I’m more distracted by her all-in-one leopard print jumpsuit. This Kim, is not a good look! Jus’ sayin’. What d’you think of her outfit?

More pics after the jump

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Kim Kardashian Has Resulted To X-Ray To Prove That Her Ass Is Real

I guess Kim K was getting seriously worried about rumours that her back asset (butt) was fake.

Kim Kardashian has decided to kill the rumour by showing off an X-ray of her bootyful backside.

Her little sister-Khloe Kardashian helped to end talks of butt implants or injections by posting a photo of Kim and her electromagnetic badonkadonk (pictured above).

So now you now, what Kim K is carrying behind her is real!

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Negotiating Prenup…

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian and her man ‘Kris Humphries’ are seriously negotiating a Prenup agreement before they tie the knot.

Kim is said to be worth $35 million and Kris is also chopping $3.2 million annually from Nets plus other family fortune and businesses such as a couple of Burger joints in Minnesota.

I am not against such agreements at all since most celebrity marriages do not stand the test of time. It is better each of them protect their back and safeguard their wealth against any future relationship earthquake…

On the other hand, will a person in true love and going into marriage for better for worst place such a great emphasis on a Prenup?

Photo Credit: TMZ