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Rihanna’s At It Again!

Without so much of an apology, earlier this week Rhianna took to her twitter page to announce how she got so drunk she ‘molested two girls and couldn’t remember the night. She sounds so pleased with herself. I’m waiting for the part where she tells us her twitter account was hacked…yea right! 



Tiffany Green Blames BET For Chris Brown/Rihanna Winning Announcement Blunder, Says It Is A Set Up

I will feel so bad and I guess that is exactly what Tiffany Green is feeling now if BET used me for their yearly BET Award talk about drama.

It is not strange to me that BET Award seems to have an annual drama which becomes the talk of the town after the Award Show, however, the way this year’s one went is quite upleasant.

I am not sure if this was planned but if it was, then making such a fool out of Tiffany Green is not acceptable. How the hell will the poor chick be feeling and what will people be thinking apart from ‘She is Dumb, She can’t even read’.

After this year’s Chris Brown/Rihanna winning annoucement blunder, Tiffany Green who was in the middle of the whole drama took to twitter to say it was set up…

Bawling backstage. They totally f*cked me up.

The tablet f*ckin said CHRIS BROWN….the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the F*CK?????? Goin home.

So BET did that on purpose. Oh. I feel better.

Look b*tches….Im not SLOW. lol They did the sh*t on PURPOSE. F*cked up right? *shrug* smh

This is so fucked up…BET Executive Stephen Hill also posted that the mix up was due to an human error, yeah right!

That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.

Watch the video below!

Rihanna Takes A Tumble On Stage In Edmonton, Canada

Wednesday’s night in Edmonton, Canada where Rihanna was having a stage performance, the 23year old singer took a little tumble on stage but she bounced back quickly and merged the awful incident into her stage craft.

It surely took an eagle eye to spot that because she handled it perfectly…

Check the video below to catch the fall.

Rihanna Gives Up Her Day Job To Be A Drummer!

Well, no quite. Check out this clip of Rihanna trying to give the fans a little extra something as she bangs it out on the drums during her ‘Loud Tour’. I personally thinks she’s looks a little out of it’ and her vocals a WEAK.

Check it after the jump!

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So Drake Is Caught By The Rihanna Fever Again Huh?…

Drake And Rihanna

Drake And Rihanna

The last person most people including myself thought Rihanna would be caught hanging out with again is Rapper-Drake. However, according to reports via Necole Bitchie, paparazzis have confirmed that, the weekend in Montreal,Canada was all Drake & Rihanna affair…

Apart from the fact that Drake joined Rihanna on stage to perform, the two were spotted at Drake’s hotel before making way to Terrasses Bonsecours club.

Hmmm! it is amazing how these stars roll. I never dreamt about a Drake & Rihanna reunion so quick…

Drake And Rihanna


Drake And Rihanna

Drake And Rihanna

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Behind The Scenes: Rihanna Rehearses For Loud Tour With FireArms

Well, pink plastic fire arms anyway….Check out RiRi rehearsing for her loud tour whilst performing ‘hard’. This chick cannot get enough controversy it seems. The louder, sexier and more violent her performances and videos, the better.

As I always say though, Rihanna is merely the performer and highly doubt she is coming out with all this gun tooting, suspender wearing get-up all by herself. Oh well, at least here she has SOME clothes on!

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Rihanna Gives A Female Fan An Unnecessary Lap Dance…

With promoters being worried about the lack of buzz, interest and cancellations of RIRI’s ‘Loud Tour‘, the 23 year old musician seems not be much bothered, neither does she seems to want to impress with fab performances to get more people interested in the ‘ Loud Tour’…

On stage, Rihanna flopped her performance by pulling a female fan and gave her an unnecessary tacky lap dance…Check out video below

Rihanna Responds To “Man Down” Criticism…


Earlier this week, the Parents Television Council spoke out against Rihanna and the violence depicted in her latest music video, “Man Down”.

According to the organization, Rihanna used her video to glorify and advocate “cold, calculated execution of murder,” even if it was against a rapist and abuser. They also claimed that if her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown were to make a video with a similar message “the world would stop”.

Today, Rihanna caught wind of the allegations, and took to her Twitter account to respond to the PTC.

“I’m a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What’s up with everybody wantin me to be a parent?

I’m just a girl, I can only be your/our voice! Cuz we all know how difficult/embarrassing it is to communicate touchy subject matters to anyone especially our parents! And this is why! Cuz we turn the other cheek! U can’t hide your kids from society,or they’ll never learn how to adapt!This is the REAL WORLD! The music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US! Its your job to make sure they dont turn out like US”