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PHOTOS From Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Dominican Republic Vacaton


Once again, Beyonce and Jay-Z took time out of their busy celebrity lifestyle and work to spend some family time on a vacation in Dominican Republic and also celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary, with baby Ivy Blue Carter by their side…

While there, the couple spent their time at the luxurious Casa de Campo resort and from the golf park photo to the pool side, the 3 really must have enjoyed themselves as a family.

One thing I love about the Carters is the fact that they make time for their marriage and family life—something most celebrities cannot afford.

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Family Time: Jay-Z, Ivy Blue & Beyonce Spotted in NY

Jay Z and Ivy Blue + Beyonce1

Rap super star-Jay Z was spotted today in NY full of smiles, proving that the best time to him is family time…

The 44-year-old megastar was seen carrying his beloved daughter Blue Ivy, two, through Manhattan with his wife-Beyonce for some quality time together to celebrate their sixth anniversary.

The trio looked seriously delighted to be in each others’ company and were the epitome of a happy family.

The Carters always look happy and we hope it remains…

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Did Jay Z Turn Down An Invite To Be at Kanye’s Wedding?

Beyonce and Jay-Z enjoys movie3

Since the Kardashians are Reality TV freaks and the Carters like to keep things private, it is not shocking that bits and pieces of circulating rumour have it that, Jay-Z and Beyonce will not be attending Kanye and Kim’s upcoming wedding in Paris…

According to reports, E! will be footing the bill for the wedding under the condition that they can film the whole occasion, but since Jay-Z and Beyonce do not what to be part of the reality TV craze—they will not be attending.

For us, we find this hard to believe considering the relationship between Jay-Z and Kanye West. There is no way Jay will not be present at Kanye’s big day.

Beyonce Shares Jamaica Holidays Photos Feat. Ivy Blue & Jay-Z

Ivy Blue1

Beyoncé has shared some photos from a recent holiday to Jamaica and this time, Baby Ivy Blue Carter takes centre stage in the stunning, picturesque image posted to the songstress’ Tumblr page…

Apart from the Ivy Blue, the 32-year-old is  also seen from the waist up, standing at the back of the vessel, dressed in a pale grey bikini top in one of the shots.

And then her 44-year-old husband is also accounted for, starring in his own solo shot—photographed from behind, arms outstretched and leaning back slightly, appearing to be shouting to the world that he’s made it.

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VIDEO: Watch Beyonce & Jay-Z Perform ‘Drunk In Love’ At Super Bowl Party

DirecTV Super Saturday Night - Show

Beyonce and her husband-Jay-Z performed ‘Drunk In Love’ on Sunday at the Super Bowl Party and the their performance became talk of the weekend…

Though the attention was not as much as last year when Beyonce performed with other Destiny Child members at the Super Bowl half time, Jay-Z managed to pull an act—bowing for Beyonce to get the blogs and papers talking about them.

Check out their performance below

Rutgers University Is Offering a Course On Beyonce Called Politicizing Beyonce


I cannot make any sense out of this but then, Georgetown University already has a class called “The Sociology of Hip-Hop: The Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z,” which focuses on Beyoncé’s rapper husband.

Following the above, Rutgers University has decided to offer a course on the study of Beyonce, who is one of the world’s most scrutinized pop stars…

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University is offering a course called “Politicizing Beyonce.”

Kevin Allred, a doctoral student who is teaching the class, tells the university’s online news site that he is using Beyonce’s career as a way to explore American race, gender and sexual politics.

The class supplements an analysis of Beyonce’s videos and lyrics with readings from Black feminists. Allred says he’s seeking to help students think more critically about media consumption.

PHOTOS: Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z & Beyonce Spotted!

Blue-Ivy and Jay Z

Rap star Jay-Z was spotted with his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce leaving Joey’s restaurant in Miami, Florida, after having lunch together on Tuesday, January 7.

Baby Blue who turned 2 years this week, was dressed in grey shirt, satin skirt, a black headband, white sneakers, and a gold necklace. Read more

Rapper-Jay Z Is Just Like Us! He Took Public Transportation With Timbaland & Chris Martin To His Own Concert In London

If you did not know, Jay-Z is truly down to earth—and he does not even care to jump unto a public transport, something he has done several times…

Jay-Z shocked commuters and caused a stir on Saturday when he arrived at the Waterloo Train Station in London and hopped on the tube to O2 Arena for his sold-out “Magna Carta Holy Grail” tour.

He was accompanied by big guys like Chris Martin, Timbaland, good friends Ty Ty and Atlanta Records executive Michael Kyser.

Immediately he got off the train, twitter exploded with messages like:

Coming off the tube and I see Jay Z casually walking up the next escalator next to me… EVERYONE GOES NUTS!! WTF??!

So jay Z gets on a tube to his own concert LOOOL about 500 ppl just ran after him


Beyonce And Jay-Z Named The Most Powerful Couple In America

Beyonce and Jay-Z enjoys movie1

After having been named the highest earning couple of 2012 by Forbes, Beyonce and Jay-Z are on top again, and this time they’ve even beaten the Obamas…

According to Vanity Fair Magazine, Beyonce and Jay-Z are the most powerful couple in America—even the president and his wife are behind them…

According to Vanity Fair;

The music business may be reeling from the digital revolution, but this power couple is only getting stronger. Jay Z managed to take his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, platinum even before putting it on sale, thanks to a pre-order deal with Samsung. (For more on Jay Z, see our cover story, on page 156.) Meanwhile, Beyoncé delivered a scintillating Super Bowl halftime performance, released an HBO documentary, and then promptly sold out her world tour, the Mrs. Carter Show.

Jay Z’s entertainment company, Roc Nation, is now shaking up the sports world, making a play to represent athletes, including Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

PHOTOS: Jay-Z, Beyonce and Baby Ivy Blue Mobbed In Toronto

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto2

The life of super stars!

Rap-mogul-Jay-Z, 43, and his wife Beyonce Knowles, 31, were mobbed by fans and paparazzi at the Cafe Nervosa in Toronto yesterday as they went out for lunch with their daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Check out the photos below…

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto1

Jay Z Raps the Same Song Non-Stop for 6 Hours

Jay-Z Performs for 6 hours

As part of his promo strategy for his new album-Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z stood on his feet at the Pace Gallery in New York to lip-sync the track “Picasso Baby” on repeat while cameras film (presumably to later be turned into a music video) for 6 good hours.

During his 6-hour repetitive performance of the same song, Jay Z invited observers to join him.