New Music: ‘Until It’s Gone’ By Monica…


Monica released a single ‘Anything (To Find You)‘ from her 7th studio album ‘New Life‘ which hits the stores on November 29 few days ago and for some reason (people are saying it is not doing well), she has released another track ‘Until It’s Gone’ for her fans in preparation for the big album day…

Listen to ‘Until It’s Gone’ below…

Showtime: Swizz Beatz Mistress Speaks Out…

In case you haven’t been keeping up with what’s up with mess that is Swizz Beatz and his illustrious shinanigans, we have the hot goss on his alleged mistress Christina Elizabeth, the woman who claims to still be having an affair with Swizz Beatz.

According to the affair which started as far back as 2007 when Swizz Beatz was married to his now ex-wife Mashonda has continued now he is married to singer Alicia keys.

The saga all started when Christina, claimed her Blackberry was recently stolen. Since the saga all those involved have taken to Twitter, with Swizz and Alicia dismissing the rumours and laughing off the stories. Mashonda is no doubt rubbing her hands together as she twitted ‘Showtime’ but was later removed.

Christina gave an exclusive statemenet to Bossip who have posted the original e-mails exchanged when they first met and have since posted the recent exchanges of the sexts the two exchanged.

It really does seem like Alicia isn’t having none of it, either that or she is in denial or showing a brave face for the public and is in actual fact devastated. Either way, no smoke without fire, besides this chick appears to have a lot of evidence and a lot to say on the whole saga. My thing is, how foolish is swizz? What made you think she wouldn’t ever out you? You had a fling with her then skipped over her head and went and married someone else as if to say, you’re only good for knocking boots and not good enough to settle with…home girl has no loyalties so far as I can see.

Check the statement and bb messages after the jump….

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NEW MUSIC: Estelle ‘Thank You’

British Born Singer Estelle is on the money with this track ‘Thank You’. Dare I say the Grammy award winning Singer/Rapper/Songwriter vocals are touching on the likes of Mary J. Written by Akon and produced by Jerry Wonder the new track is taken of her fourth coming album ‘All Of Me’.  I can’t fault the track musically or vocally and sounds like Akon maybe doing a little backing on this one.  I feel a remix coming on! Watch this space for details of her new up and coming album.

Check it….


Mary J. Blige Poses For Ebony Magazine: Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

Mary J Blige poses for the cover of Ebony magazine and gives us a little behind the scenes sneak peak of the shoot. In the article Mary talks finding her soulmate and fighting her demons.

Check out the behind the scenes shoot.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Idris Elba ‘Private Garden’

We’re a little late on this one! So if you aint heard/seen the new video by Idris Elba, here we have it. Idris is one busy man right now as he releasing the first single , Idris shot the video in beautifulSan Juan,Puerto Rico. I honestly didn’t see this one coming but as far as talent a sound goes, he wasn’t likely to let this talent unnoticed.

Check it…

Private Garden from Crystle Clear Roberson on Vimeo.

Celeb Photos: Nicki Minaj At Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012 Fashion Show + Rihanna Out & About

Are you feeling Nicki Minaj’s outfit? This is how Nicki Minaj, 29, appeared at Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2011 Fashion Show in NY yesterday…

For a night out at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica yesterday, Pop singer Rihanna got her wardrobe together and to be frank, I am loving the jacket…

Photos Spotted At SandraRose

Swizz Beatz Gives Alicia Keys An Expensive Birthday Gift Just 2 Days After Sexting Scandal

If I were Alicia Keys, I will feel very insulted right now. Just few days after Swizz Beatz was in the news for allegedly cheating on his wife Alicia Keys, he has dropped the above expensive gift on her for her Birthday.

This is like making it rain on some hoes bullshyt. Gosh! Some men cheat and disrespect their women and they think they can rectify things with some expensive gift huh?



OMG: Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys Already?

Just few days ago, I posted photos of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys at the Fashion Week looking happily in love and fab. However, it seems things are not what they appear to the eye…

According to an insider,Swizz Beatz has been exchanging some naughty nasty text messages including scandalous photos with a certain young girl called Christina Elizabeth…

Oh my Gosh, Swizz Beatz, come on man! It is reported that, in one of these text messages, Swizz Beatz told Elizabeth that he’s going to fly her out when he travels to other cities for work and that he wants to “f**k the sh*t out of her asap.”

It is said that, Swizz met this 23 year old young charming girl in 2007 at a birthday part for Solange and the two have been in constant contact…What a mess!

New Music Video: Monica – ‘Anything (To Find You)’ ft. Rick Ross

The music video for Monica’s latest single ‘Anything (To Find You)’ featuring Rick Ross has been released and I am loving it. The song which is from her upcoming album New Life, was produced by rapper Missy Elliott.

Behind Scene Video


Celebs Spotted: Bey Takes A Stroll With Hubby+Alicia Takes The Boyz On A Day Out

Couple alert as Bey and Jey go out in NYC for lunch and Alicia steps out in NY near their home in Tribeca. It’s just nice to see Beyonce in flats for once! Guess that’s her for the next however many months she has left!

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More Pics Of Rihanna’s Armani Underwear Ad+Rihanna Sports Leather Trackies

Rihanna is setting the blogs alight with even more pics of her modelling underwear and denim for Armani Jeans. Now that I get a closer look at the pics I’m wondering why they mess around with so airbrushing much when it’s obvious they’ve made her thinner. If they wanted/needed a thinner model and Rihanna aint it why use her?

More pics after the jump

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