Oprah Winfrey Covers September Issue Of Her O, The Oprah Magazine

O-The Oprah Magazine-September Issue

The September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine has been released and as usual Oprah has beautifully covered it once again…

In her monthly magazine column, the 59-year-old nicknamed the wig Wild Thang and likened wearing the 3.5-pound weave to ‘carrying around an extra head.’

‘I wish I could say it was all mine,’ she said in her monthly magazine column.

‘My own hair is shorter, not quite to spherical, and a lot lighter. But that doesn’t mean it never gives me grief. When it comes to hair, I’m in the same boat as most every other woman.’

On the cover, the media mogul is dressed in a figure-hugging orange dress and simple gold jewellery…


VIDEOS: Diddy Brings Kim Kardashian To Surprise Her Mother On Her ‘Kris’ Talk Show + Ciara Talks About Her Work, Romance & Others…

Kris Jenner Show

The ‘Kris’ Jenner Talk Show is gaining grounds and good TV ratings. Last 2 two days, she pulled in rap-mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to be her co-host.

While on the show, Diddy played a short video of Kim Kardashian for her mother-Kris, which touched her heart- making her super emotional.

Diddy  who is about to launch his own cable network grabbed the opportunity to say that, people should expect sweet moments like this and more if they tune in to his new Revolt TV network.

Singer-Ciara was hosted on the show by Diddy and Kris. On the show, Ciara talked about her friendship with Kim, new album and how she grew up wanting to be Poprah (a combination of Diddy and Oprah).

Check out the video below…

Jermaine Dupri Says My Evil Bank Screwed Me ut Of Millions Of Dollars Because I Am Uneducated

Jermaine Dupri pants backwards

Even if you think there is no need for Education in your life, it is good to have friends who think otherwise—have some sort of education.It seems Jermaine Dupri did not have any of two….

According to TMZ, the Hip Hop mogul Jermaine Dupri says his bank wined-and-dined him, then treated him like an uneducated idiot in a plot to snatch millions of dollars from him

Jermaine Dupri  bank-Sun Trust Bank sued the So So Def founder first, claiming he defaulted on a $5 million loan. The bank wanted $2 million for the balance plus interest … AND his entire EMI music catalog.

Now, Dupri is firing back with a counter lawsuit … and in the docs, he says he secured a $5 million loan in 2009 with his ST personal banker — a man he’d worked with for years, who was lenient on loan payments and hooked him up with swag: ATL Falcons tickets, dinners, and more.

Then, in 2010 Dupri claims his personal banker took advantage of his lack of education (he didn’t finish high school) and told him he had to quickly sign a NEW loan agreement, assuring him it was for his benefit.

But Dupri says in fact the new terms increased his loan payments without his knowledge. As a result … he defaulted, and had to sell off his music catalog and his studio to settle with the bank.

This ain’t chump change on the line — according to JD his studio was worth $2.5 million, and his catalog … $20 million!

What a mess! Education has a place everywhere, even if you are not going to work in the office…

PHOTOS: Tyra Banks Passionately Kisses Bow Wow On BET’s 106 & Park

Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Kiss2

What else will a 26 year old man want after receiving a passionate kiss from one of the most beautiful women in the world?

Tyra Banks made Bow Wow’s friends very jealous yesterday when she kissed him passionately on BET’s 106 & Park.

Bow Wow who is said to have crush on 39-year-old Tyra Banks—since he was little got all he has been wishing for…

After a short first kiss which got the audience shouting, the two shared another kiss and this time, it was long and passionate—tongues were running around in their mouths…

Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Kiss1

Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Kiss3


PHOTOS: Amber Rose Shows Photos Of Baby Bash

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash1

Amber Rose is teasing the world with some cute images of Baby Bash.

Even though she has refused to show his baby, the proud mother took to instagram yesterday to share some pictures of herself—spending time in the pool with baby Sebastian Bash.

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash2

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash3


Oprah Winfrey Says She Cannot Stand Those Who Use The ‘N’ Word


Media Mogul-Oprah Winfrey says she has no tolerance for anyone who uses the N-word around her — no matter the color of their skin — saying, “You cannot be my friend and use that word around me.”

TMZ Reports;

Oprah — along with Forest Whitaker – just spoke about the race issues with Parade magazine to promote their new movie “The Butler.”

During the interview, Oprah was asked about the N-word — which becomes extremely relevant in the wake of the racial comments made by her former “Color Purple” co-star Rae Dawn Chong.

As we previously reported, Rae lashed out against Oprah and said she would have been a “field n**ger” back in the slave days.

Oprah never mentions Rae in the interview, but makes it clear she doesn’t respect people that throw that word around.

“It shows my age, but I feel strongly about [the n-word] … I always think of the millions of people who heard that as their last word as they were hanging from a tree.”

The interview is interesting … with Oprah claiming kids today don’t know “diddly-squat” about the civil rights movement.

She also explains why she thinks Martin Luther King’s dream has not been completely fulfilled.

“Are more people judged by the content of their character than by the color of their skin?  Yes.  Is everybody judged by the content of their character?  Absolutely not.”

Kelly Rowland Covers September Issue Of Essence Magazine

Kelly Rowland Covers September Edition of Essence

R&B Singer-Kelly Rowland is the cover girl of Essence Magazine-September Issue.

In a revealing interview with Essence, Rowland, 32, explains the meaning behind those much-discussed references to Bey on “Dirty Laundry,” the lead single from her fourth solo album Talk a Good Game. “For a long time I wasn’t happy, but that had nothing to do with Beyoncé,” Rowland says. “That had to do with me trying to get my life in order and make better decisions for myself. I’m seeing all these wonderful things happen for her and I am happy for her. But I want a path. I want things to pop off for me, too. Not on her level but whatever my level is supposed to be.”

Finding her strength — literally — has been key to blazing new trails, the X-Factor judge tells ESSENCE. Through workouts with trainer Jeanette Jenkins and sparring sessions with former boxer Martin Snow, she’s finding her power. “I see the beauty in boxing,” she says. “It teaches me strength, physically but mostly mentally. I had to learn my strength, because for so long I could have been tougher than I was.”

In the interview, she also talked about her estranged father, her romantic relationship and her hopes for the future…

PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie Looking Effortlessly Elegant

Angelina Jolie1

Actress-Angelina Jolie, 38, has that perfect body, and she does not have to even try to look elegant…

The mother-of-six cut an effortlessly elegant figure in a sleeveless black dress as she attended a screening of her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey at United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan, on Sunday.

Looking stylish and sophisticated, Angelina wore an on-trend midi dress, which she teamed with nude heels as she posed at the event.

Angelina Jolie2

PHOTOS: Kelly Rowland Spotted In LA

Kelly Rowland3

Kelly Rowland was photographed leaving Nobu after having a dinner with friends in Los Angeles yesterday, July 25, and her facial expression took out the beauty in her…

Though the shots are not flattering, she seems not care!

Kelly Rowland1 Kelly Rowland2


VIDEOS: Beyonce Gets Her Hair Caught In A Fan While Performing

Beyonce Hair Caught In Fan

Beyonce must have been embarrassed—-knowing the sort of perfectionist she strives to be…

Last night, while performing at a show in Montreal, her wig/hair got caught in a spinning fan near the stage.

Even wit the hair caught in the fan, she continued singing while her bodyguard attempted to help her get free.

She took to instagram later on to make a joke out of the whole fan incident, and wrote…

Gravity can’t begiiiiiin
to pull me out of the fan again.
I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin
From the fan that’s always hatiiiiin
Virgin Remy & Malaysiiiiiaaaaaaannnn
I got snatched
2 snaps
Goodnight All, B

Check out the video below…

New Music: ‘Love More’ By Chris Brown Feat. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj ft Chris Brown Right By My Side

Still whetting the appetite of fans ahead of the release of his upcoming studio album ‘X’, Chris Brown has released a third single ‘Love More’ featuring Nicki Minaj.

Listen to ‘Love More’ below