PHOTOS: Jay-Z, Beyonce and Baby Ivy Blue Mobbed In Toronto

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto2

The life of super stars!

Rap-mogul-Jay-Z, 43, and his wife Beyonce Knowles, 31, were mobbed by fans and paparazzi at the Cafe Nervosa in Toronto yesterday as they went out for lunch with their daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Check out the photos below…

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto

Jay-Z and Beyonce In Toronto1

SPOTTED: Newly Married-Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Return To LA

Halle Berry2

Pregnant-Halle Berry tied the knot with third husband Olivier Martinez in his native France over the weekend.

But instead of jetting off on a honeymoon straight away, the pair were seen returning to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Olivier carried his new stepdaughter Nahla in his arms as heavily pregnant Halle led the way while they navigated LAX airport…

Halle Berry1

Kelly Rowland Helped Michelle Williams With Her Image Issues, Talked Her Out Of Getting Botox injections


Though we see them perfect on our screens and even strive to be like them, most celebrities have body/image issues…They are not happy with what they are—the exact thing we so much want…

In a recent interview with StyleBlazer, Michelle Williams talked about how bad she felt anytime she looked in the mirror, to the extent that she wanted to have botox injections. But Kelly Rowland saved her from it…

“I was going through a moment, looking in the mirror, and I was like, ‘I need Botox…I was telling the girl that I need Botox, and Kelly was like, ‘Girl, hush. Just go somewhere and get a facial.’”

According to Michelle Williams, she decided to follow Rowland’s friendly advice and had a facial instead.

“Sure enough, I went and got a facial and it really made everything that I disliked disappear,” she said. “She was right.”


Kim Kardashians Mum-Kris Jenner Teases A Fake Baby North West For Her TV Show Ratings


In an effort to pull in ratings for her new talk show ‘Kris’, the mother of Kim Kardashian-Kris Jenner decided to ride on the hype surrounding Kanye & Kim’s baby-North West, by teasing a picture of a cute baby on Instagram.

Although Kanye West has made it very clear that he won’t let her baby be pull into any of the TV things, Kris posted a photo with the caption “You never know who will stop by our show today #WatchKris.”

Sending out a message that North West would probably be on the show, the internet went crazy.

But we all know the truth, it ain’t happening since Kanye West is not going to let it go down like this….

Kanye West’s Clothing Line is Already Sold Out…Really?


If you are a Kanye West fan and wanted to grab one item from this A.P.C. line clothing line, you will be disappointed.

Reports say Kanye West’s clothing line which consists of hoodies, jeans, and a tees is completely sold out—yeah before they even officially hit the real market!

The power of Kanye West!

Rihanna Goes Shopping In Monaco-Wearing A Swimming Costume…


How messy will fashion get for celebrities like Rihanna?

In a shocking appearance, Rihanna gave shoppers a treat by hitting a string of boutiques in Monaco, wearing her swimming costume.

The attention-seeking diva got eyes focusing on her as she walked through a luxury mall wearing the revealing black attire—-actually a swimming costume.

As well as showing off her amazing bum, the outing also proved to be a shrewd advertising move for the River Island designer.




Chris Brown Finally Cleans The Monster Graffiti That Neighbours Have Been Complaining About For Months

Chris Brown graffitti cleaning

After months of complaints by neigbours and threats by the city council, it seems Chris Brown has given in to demands to tidy up his wall—cleaning the graffiti monsters on there…

TMZ Writes;

Chris Brown is kissing his precious graffiti monsters goodbye, and while it looks like he lost the war to keep the”art” on his Hollywood Hills home — Chris is saying it’s coming down by his choice … TMZ has learned.

As we previously reported … Chris has been fighting the city of L.A. since May over the graffiti he plastered on an exterior wall of the house — even claiming it’s protected by the 1st Amendment.

After neighbors complained the images were a blight on the block … the city threatened to slap Chris with a heavy fine — but today workers slapped a fresh layer of paint on the concrete wall.But sources close to Chris tell TMZ he remains defiant … and only covered up the painted creatures because he wanted to — NOT because of the city’s threats.

Whatever the reason, the L.A. Building Department of Safety says if its inspectors are satisfied the graffiti is covered tomorrow … Chris will not be fined.

It’s unclear if Chris plans to put up something new. So … case closed?

PHOTOS: Kelly Rowland Spotted In NY

Kelly Rowland2

Singer-Kelly Rowland was spotted in NY on Wednesday wearing a pair of jeans, stepping out of a shop where she grabbed two bottles of juice…

She was looking great!

Kelly Rowland1

Rihanna Turns Up 3 Hours Late For Her Concert In Monaco After Fans Paid At Least £520 To See Her


It seems Rihanna’s lateness to her own concerts is not going to end anytime soon.

After fans paid at least £520 for a ticket to see Rihanna, the pop star showed up THREE HOURS late to a gig—causing anger with fans.

RiRi was scheduled to perform an exclusive gig in Monte Carlo, Monaco for fans who had paid at least £520 a ticket to see their idol up-close following a slap up meal.

However the show, which was scheduled for an 8.30pm start didn’t kick off until gone 11.30pm with no explanation to fans.

And despite putting on a raunchy show when she finally showed up, not everyone was impressed enough to forget the singer’s lack of regard for showing up on time as they vented their fury on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “Noooo I haven’t been waiting for 3 hours for nothing, have I?

Another sneered: “Still no news of Rihanna. She got lost in 2 square km. We’re waiting… Frankly, this delay is abuse.”

Will Rihanna ever change? I doubt it!


Lamar Odom Attacks Paparazzi Trashes Camera & A Car

Lamar Odom

No paps here! That seems to be what Khloe Kardashian’s Lamar Odom was saying when he went absolutely berserk and attacked 2 paparazzi in Hollywood this afternoon. The disgruntled Lamar smashed a car, a camera and then fled the scene — apparently with some of the destroyed camera gear.

The violent incident was captured on video where Lamar was seen going into the back of a car belonging to one of the paps, and chucking all of the guy’s equipment into the middle of a busy street.

He then walked across the street and smashed another pap’s car with a metal bar, then picked up all the gear from the street and put it in his trunk. As if that was not enough, he had a run-in with a fan who had a fair share of his anger.

The NBA star was reportedly kicked out of the house by Khloe after a year-long revelation of an affair with another woman. However, insiders close to the couple refuted the allegations.

Jay Z Raps the Same Song Non-Stop for 6 Hours

Jay-Z Performs for 6 hours

As part of his promo strategy for his new album-Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-Z stood on his feet at the Pace Gallery in New York to lip-sync the track “Picasso Baby” on repeat while cameras film (presumably to later be turned into a music video) for 6 good hours.

During his 6-hour repetitive performance of the same song, Jay Z invited observers to join him.