Chris Brown Celebrates Birthday With Ex Girlfriend Karrueche Tran…But Rihanna Is Nowhere To Be Seen

Karreuche Tran At Chris Brown Birthday Party

It is either Chris Brown and Rihanna just love to spin the media or they just not made to be together…

Chris and RiRi recently reconciled their relationship despite the controversy surrounding them, but it seems they have decided to go their separate ways again.

Chris Brown celebrated his 24th birthday – which isn’t actually until May 5th – at the Emerson nightclub in LA on Friday night, with Rihanna nowhere to be seen.

Former girlfriend-Karrueche Tran was in attendance, sparking rumours that there might be trouble in paradise for the young couple once again. Read more

PHOTO: Keke Palmer, Lil Mama And Drew Sidora As TLC


A photo has been released from the TLC biopic, showcasing Lil Mama, Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora as the icon R&B trio.

Released today, the TV movie’s snap comes courtesy of the group’s surviving members T-Boz and Chilli who serve as the flick’s chief consultants, overseeing the whole project.

Last month, the three ladies (Drew, Lil Mama and Keke) wrapped production on the upcoming TLC biopic, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story, and by the looks of things, they may have pulled the portrayal of the iconic group off very well.

Kerry Washington Covers ‘Parade Magazine’


Kerry Washington has been featured on the cover of Parade and the magazine has also named her “The Game Changer,”.

During her interview with the magazine, Kerry Washington talked about her new role in Tyler Perry’s “Peeples”, what career she’d be in if this whole acting thing didn’t work out among other interesting things….

Check out excerpts from the interview

On Going From Working on Django to Immediately Working on Scandal
“I feel like I barely survived Django emotionally. The violence. Hearing the N-word every day. It cost me a lot psychologically, but it was worth it to tell that story.”

“I had two days between finishing Django and starting up again on Scandal. It was nuts. That first day back I had to walk across the Rose Garden in heels. I thought, ‘I don’t remember how to walk like Olivia Pope anymore. ‘ I’d been barefoot in the woods for months playing a slave.”

On Making History With Scandal
“I didn’t realize…when I was auditioning for the role. I knew that in my lifetime I’d never seen it. But it didn’t compute to me that I’d be making history. I just fell in love with the character.”

On the Dysfunctional Washington D.C. Portrayed in the Series:
“The story lines…push what’s possible. But there are stories on the news that change what we think is possible all the time. You hear about a governor who’s disappeared into the Appalachian trail because he has a South American lover, or somebody else’s behavior on Twitter. I mean, if you want to look at presidents having affairs—there are about four I can think of off the top of my head.” Read more

Neighbors On Chris Brown’s Butt Over Graffiti Murals

Chris Brown homeEven in his own home, Chris Brown knows NO peace…

Chris’ Hollywood Hills home is now bedazzled with huge graffiti murals. Even though we are not sure if Chris who is a talented artist did it himself or some bunch of pissed kids got them there, his neighbors are not happy with graffiti.

The neightbors have already complained to the  L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge, saying it is a blight on the block.

LaBonge passed it on to L.A. City officials, and Chris was cited for having “unpermitted and excessive signage” on his property.  If he doesn’t remove the murals STAT, he will have to pay a fine.

It seems the Graffiti complaints by the neighbors is just part of their dislike of Chris Brown being around as a result of loud parties Chris throws at all hours of the night. They are also cars speeding up and down the street.

Actress Zoe Saldana Goes All Goofy On Jonathan Ross Show In UK

Zoe Saldana On Jonathan Ross2

Actress-Zoe Saldana,34, who is currently in the UK to promote Star Trek Into Darkness, appeared on Saturday’s Jonathan Ross Show and managed to go goofy whiles maintaining her sexiness…

While on the show to promote Star Trek, which sees her reprise her role as Uhura, she also spoke about the upcoming sequels to Avatar…

Joined by co-star Zachary Quinto, the 34-year-old was in high spirits as they messed around during the interview with Jonathan.

The Latina actress complemented her complexion with a bright orange and black dress, which she teamed with a pair of vertiginous heels.

Zoe Saldana On Jonathan Ross

Zoe Saldana On Jonathan Ross1

Zoe Saldana On Jonathan Ross3

New Music: ‘Give It Away’ By Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Ahead of the release of his 6th studio album-X in two months time and his 24th birthday-5th May, Chris Brown has decided to give fans an early birthday treat with a new tune-Give It Away.

Yesterday, Chris tweeted…“

My birthday so ima give y’all free music that ain’t on the album. Y’all probably know this one” with a link to a track called “Give It Away.

Listen to the song below

Chris Kelly Of The 90s Group Kris Kross Found Dead


Chris Kelly, popularly known as “Mac Daddy” of 1990s Atlanta rap duo Kris Kross, passed away yesterday at the age of 34. According to a rep with the Fulton County Police Department who spoke to CBS Atlanta, it appears he died of a drug overdose.

According to the police report on his death, he had taken a mixture of heroin and cocaine the night before and his friend Donna had taken him home to recover.

Greg Street of V-103 was close friends with Chris and broke the news via Twitter:

Around 7:45 I received a phone call from his cousin saying they had found Kelly at the house just 20 minutes earlier and he was unresponsive. I just received confirmation that he has passed.

Meanwhile, Akini Jeffrey, producer of 94.5′s Streetz Morning Grind describes what may have been Chris Kelly’s last phone conversation, early that morning:

I was extremely shocked to hear of his passing because I actually called him this morning at the radio station around 7:52am. Basically, I was doing show prep and came across a blog site that had his birthday posted as today. I was trying to remember if that was correct because I remembered it being August 11.

I just randomly called him to get him on the air to see if it was true and wish him a happy birthday, and he answered the phone. You can tell there was a lot going on in the background. Chris said to someone, “It’s Akini from the radio station, baby”. He also went on the apologize to me for not showing up to a radio interview that I had him scheduled for back February for the So So Def reunion.

Chris also stated “Tell everybody in Atl I said what’s up.”

Kanye West Sends Private Jet To Greece To Whisk Kim Kardashian To Paris

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In Paris

Kanye West is a busy man but he is standing by his words to be therefore Kim Kardashian-even if it entails paying extra cash to be by her side…

Kanye West sent out his very own private jet to Greece to whisk Kim Kardashian away from her family and into his tender, loving arms-is that not sweet?

Well, something like that anyway.

Because L.A. is so lacking in state of the art recording studios (raised eyebrows) Kanye is having – and we mean HAVING – to record his album in Paris 5,600 miles away from where his pregnant girlfriend is contractually obliged to be.

But it’s okay, because he’s doing nice things like sending his plane to collect her from nearby Greece.

Photo Credit

New Music: ‘I Can’t Win’ By Chris Brown

Chris-Brown Performs At Billboard-Music-Awards-2012

The unending Chris Brown and Rihanna drama seems to be coming back as fans of both stars got shocked over the weekend when Chris unfollowed Rihanna on Twitter, just after she started following Drake (Champagne Papi) on Instagram.

Things went a little further when photos emerged of Rihanna playfully kissing a cute guy on Twitter. The guy wrote, “Me and @badgalriri out here tonight!” which prompted a cryptic tweet from Chris Brown’s Twitter account that said, “Sh-t is overrated nowadays.”

Following the above development, Chris Brown has released a new single which he describes a relationship with a girl that’s just not working out. He says, “When you called, I would follow, now the only thing you love is a bottle.”

Check out lyrics & song below:

Tell me what did I do
To make you hate me so much
Why you angry all the time?
Why don’t you wanna ride for me?
Girl, we used to make love
When you called, I would follow
Now the only thing you love is a bottle
The only thing you got left is a shadow
Don’t let this sh-t come between us
I’m wrong you’re right, its okay with my heart
But its not how its supposed to be
You always say I’m done and finished
F-ck it, I’m wrong you’re right
Please God help us
I guess I’m gonna leave it up to you tonight Read more

PHOTOS: Lil Kim Hangs Out With Rihanna Backstage


Are Lil Kim and Rihanna going to be best friends? That will be such a crazy and naughty friendship out there…

Queen B paid a visit to see Rihanna backstage on Sunday night at her NJ’s Diamond World tour and the two shared photo moments…

Rihanna And Lil Kim1

Rihanna And Lil Kim2



Jason Collins Comes Out Of The Closet As GAY, First NBA Player To Come Out

Jason Collins Is Gay

It came as shock and somehow exciting when NBA Super star-John Collins revealed in the latest Sports Illustrated that, he is GAY.

In a letter written by Jason and published in Sports Illustrated, he stated that he has dated women, even getting engaged at one point, but he couldn’t keep hiding from who he really is.

He says all he wants to do is to continue to play ball, but he wants to do that while being open and honest with his coaches and teammates from now on.

Check out excerpts from letter below…

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.

I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, “I’m different.” If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.

My journey of self-discovery and self-acknowledgement began in my hometown of Los Angeles and has taken me through two state high school championships, the NCAA Final Four and the Elite Eight, and nine playoffs in 12 NBA seasons.

When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged. I thought I had to live a certain way. I thought I needed to marry a woman and raise kids with her. I kept telling myself the sky was red, but I always knew it was blue.

I realized I needed to go public when Joe Kennedy, my old roommate at Stanford and now a Massachusetts congressman, told me he had just marched in Boston’s 2012 Gay Pride Parade. I’m seldom jealous of others, but hearing what Joe had done filled me with envy. I was proud of him for participating but angry that as a closeted gay man I couldn’t even cheer my straight friend on as a spectator. If I’d been questioned, I would have concocted half truths. What a shame to have to lie at a celebration of pride. I want to do the right thing and not hide anymore. I want to march for tolerance, acceptance and understanding. I want to take a stand and say, “Me, too.”

The recent Boston Marathon bombing reinforced the notion that I shouldn’t wait for the circumstances of my coming out to be perfect. Things can change in an instant, so why not live truthfully? When I told Joe a few weeks ago that I was gay, he was grateful that I trusted him. He asked me to join him in 2013. We’ll be marching on June 8.

No one wants to live in fear. I’ve always been scared of saying the wrong thing. I don’t sleep well. I never have. But each time I tell another person, I feel stronger and sleep a little more soundly. It takes an enormous amount of energy to guard such a big secret. I’ve endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. I was certain that my world would fall apart if anyone knew. And yet when I acknowledged my sexuality I felt whole for the first time. I still had the same sense of humor, I still had the same mannerisms and my friends still had my back.