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Watch Episode 9 Of Single Ladies

Single Ladies is one of those shows where you moan at all that is not right with it…bad acting, dodgy scripts and story lines, annoying posing and the general overall facade of what it is to be a single black female, unless that’s how they do it in the US of A.

I get that they were trying to take the concept of the popular show Sex and the city and tell the same story from a black/urban perspective…but to me it just don’t work.

Regardless, it seems the show is a hit believe it or not as it’s already been announced the show will continue with a second series. That’s probably because people like me who moan about the show, yet every Tuesday it seems like clock work I’m logging on thinking and hoping it may get better along the way. It probably won’t and i’ll probably keep watchin’!

Follow the link to watch the series from the beginning so you can watch and moan like the rest of us.

Catch episode 9 below!