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PHOTO: Reggie Bush & His Baby

reggie-bush and breiseis

Just a day (Father’s Day) after Reggie Bush’s ex-girlfriend-Kim Kardashian delivered her first baby for Kanye Wests, he tweeted a photo of his month old daughter, Briseis.

Though people are saying he is throwing some shade, we think he is just celebrating being a proud father.

Last month, Reggie revealed the inspiration behind his baby’s name with Life & Style:

It’s Greek. We were watching the movie Troy and my fiancée, who was my girlfriend at the time, said, ‘If we ever have a daughter, can we name her that?’ And a couple of months later, wouldn’t you know! The name was picked out months before she was even thought about. It’s crazy.

Reggie’s Dating A Kim K Look-A-Like!

I guess they say when you hook up with someone new who looks like someone you used to date, then you aren’t quite over that person. Take a look at Reggie Bush’s new GF Malissa Molinaro, 28 was born in Canada. The U.S. based pop singer, actress, choreographer and model has apparently been dating Reggie since last Christmas.Remind you of anyone?

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