Ouch! Rohan Marley Rejects Lauryn Hill On Twitter!

Thank goodness for twitter! How else would we know that the son of the late legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, Rohan Marley is setting the record very straight about not being the father to Lauryn Hill’s recently announced pregnancy. He took to twitter to let people know what’s up.

This past weekend, Lauryn Hill announced the exciting news that she was pregnant with her sixth child, however, the announcement took a dramatic turn on twitter last night, when Rohan Marley logged on to set the record straight. According to Rohan, who Lauryn Hill referred to as her husband, he is not nor was ever married to Lauryn Hill and he isn’t expecting anything’.

It seems there is way too much drama for us to keep up with from romantic associations with Wyclef and Lauryn having her first child with Rohan even though he was married with two kids at the time! Though Lauryn continues to refer to Rohan as her husband the pair supposedly split in 2008. I’m waiting for Hill to speak up…let’s hear it from the horses mouth. Check out pic of their five kids below.






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