So Mary J Blige Is Broke, She Can’t Even Afford Her Rent And Kim Kardashian Is Swimming In Money For Doing Nothing…

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It seems the world’s Entertainment industry has risen to a point where real talents receive no or little remuneration for their hard work whiles the likes of Kim Kardashian (who are famous for nothing) continue to cash in with their emptiness.

My fear is that, soon we will have thousands of the like of Kim Kardashian and few of inspirational, talented and hardworking Mary J.Blige.

Apart from Mary J. Blige’s music, I respect and admire her decent achievements in the world of music. However, decency and hard work seem not to pay anymore because it does not get you the attention that will rack in the bucks.

Why would anyone waste time to develop talent and work tirelessly  to build a career which would soon bring in no money when the person can trail the Kim Kardashian  way (Get into a man’s bed, leak the video and soon you would be receiving half a million to appear on stage for 45 minutes in Nigeria).

If you’ve not heard,  RnB singer-Mary J. Blige is facing serious money problems. She was slapped with a notice on the door of her tony upper West Side apartment building after it was discovered that she “had a rent-paying problem” last November. Yeah, she cannot afford her rent…

Mary J. Blige, whose net worth was at one point a reported $45 million has found herself in a huge financial hole. Late last year, New Jersey filed a $901,769 lien against the singer. In November 2012, she was sued for failure to repay a $2.2 million personal loan that she and husband Kendu Isaacs defaulted on.

It does not stop there. The financial problems go further, Blige’s charity, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now Inc. is also in financial trouble.

The charity has been sued by TD Bank for failing to pay back a $250,000 loan, and scholarships awarded to girls are reported to have gone unpaid.

How come Mary J. Blige is in such a deep financial pit and yet, Kim Kardashian continues to cash in unimaginable amounts for literally doing NOTHING!


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  1. Taciana says:

    Why are you paying RENT in the first place? She should have PURCHASED instead. Well she can so bang out another album and do another world tour, or two!

  2. chocklit says:


  3. donnaga27 says:

    Mary, just know that tests and trials come in all our lives, how we deal with them is the key. being the strong Black woman that you are, I know you will come through this hard time just fine. Keep your head up, and don’t forget to pray, prayer really does change things.

  4. James Williams says:

    Sorry to hear of Mary J Blige financial problems , praying that she quick come on top of this problem. People in this music industry must really pay attention to people managing their finances . There is no reason why Mary J Blige is experiencing this situation. God is good and he looks after those who helps out others. Mary I will love you no matter what your situation is . You will bounce back from this…God Bless You….

  5. Kile says:

    I can’t believe the writer of this article is bashing Kim Kardashian for making money, hey just because she may not be a singer like Mary doesn’t mean she can’t manage her money wisely. Britney Spears made over $700,000 in 2007 and by 2008 had no savings, investments etc, to show for it. It’s not the talent or how much you make, it’s what you do with it, unfortunately Mary j. Blige made some ill informed choices

  6. Jakie Evans says:

    Firstly what does Kim Kardashian have to do with ANY of this? There are plenty of young Hollywood stars who are famous for doing nothing and yet she’s brought in. I’m the last person you’d expect to defend any one from the Kardashian clan but this was just completely out there. In this day in age talent means nothing. You come from a famous name and you got money and attention for life. Blue Ivy can grow up not being able to sing/dance worth a damn but I guarantee you she will NEVER be out of the spotlight if she chooses not to.

    Secondly to reply to other comments her so called close relation shit with God apparently has not led her down a path of success if she’s so broke she can’t afford to pay her rent. Prayer does NOTHING. At one point in time I was HOMELESS and I prayed until my head hurt but did anything change? Not a damn thing. What turned my life around was a handout from a man I’ve known since I was 10. But those strong in “faith” will no doubt say God put him in my way. I don’t believe that though. I was strong in my faith before my life hit bottom and I’m sure Mary was as well. God is a crutch people use in hopes to solve all their problems.

    Thirdly Mary needs to sit down with lawyers (pro bono if needed) and figure out where her money went. You don’t go from 45million to flat broke. Someone or something has happened. Mary is not on drugs, she doesn’t have a gambling problem, and she isn’t blowing her money buying islands and mansion all across the globe. So again I say she needs to ask..WHAT HAPPENED!

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