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In Case You Missed It: Toni Braxton Does VH1’s Behind The Music

They don’t call it behind the music for nothing. Toni Braxton bares a whole lot when talking about and up and the VERY downs of her music career.

Check out highlights and the video below!

Toni Braxton Talks Childhood:

I had a very strict upbringing. My dad was a  minister [and] we were very religious. I couldn’t listen to secular music because it was ‘worldly.’ I couldn’t go to the movies. We were the kids who were singing all the time. While our friends were outside playing, we were singing.

Toni Talks Choosing a Solo Career Over Her Sisters’ Girl Group:

My sisters [were] devastated. I remember I called my manager and told him “no”. He told Babyface that I said “no”. [My sister Traci] was crying balling, I’m balling, and she said, “You know what? Maybe you can go put out a record and then you can come back and get us.”  I said, “Okay Traci I will do that.” And I made it my vow that I would do that.

After [Love Should Have Brought You Home] my career went from zero to sixty in six months. It was an incredible roller coaster ride. I remember the feeling and sometimes I look back on it and I can’t believe that it actually happened to me. I was very fortunate and blessed.

Toni Talks Having To File Bankruptcy:

I knew I was due to get this great, wonderful royalty statement because I knew what I sold, but it was less than $2,000. Excuse me? I didn’t understand what the hell that meant. I immediately called my business manager and asked “What is this about?” When they put you in those limos and give you those great dresses, it’s all recouped, meaning, they get their money back for all those things they purchased to make you look like a star. You get what’s left over after you have paid them back. This is normal, this is what the record business is, this is the norm. That’s what I was told.

I had no money. How was I supposed to pay my own personal bills? My business manager said, “We’re going to have to file bankruptcy.”

Toni On Her Visit To The Oprah Winfrey Show After Announcing Her Bankruptcy: 

She was so freaking mean to me. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it because I loved her so much. I admired her and looked up to her, and she pretty much reprimanded me. She says to me, “I heard you have Gucci flatware. I’m Oprah Winfrey and I don’t have Gucci flatware.” You didn’t have Gucci flatware because you didn’t want to buy it, not because you couldn’t afford it. What do you mean? And immediately she made me feel this big. That moment completely changed my career. It made people look down on me.

I remember being humiliated like I was standing there completely naked like everyone was looking at me. I remember calling my mom and she had wanted me to come home. I just remember crying and crying.

Toni On Her Son Diezel Having Autism:

I knew something was wrong. As a mom you can tell. The first thought was , “Okay, at least I know what it is.” Then afterwards it was, “Oh my God, my kid has autism!”, because I knew nothing about it.[…]I became heavily involved in early diagnosis. Diesel is nine-years-old now, he’s in regular school. If he walked into this room, you’d never know.

Toni On Her Lupus Diagnosis:

One day I’m on stage and I thought my heart stopped beating for a second. I told my husband Keri that I had to go to the emergency room right now. They took me in immediately and did all these tests and said, “She’s having a heart attack”. It was the scariest moment like, “What do you mean I’m having a heart attack.” They did all these tests and came back and said, “She has lupus.”

Toni On Being Financially Responsible For Her Vegas Show After Her Insurance Wouldn’t Cover The Costs:

I had to file bankruptcy. I couldn’t pay all of those creditors for the show. I felt like everyone was saying, “I told you so. She spent the money the first time and she spent the money the second time.” I was disappointed that I had to file again. Actually, I was angry at myself that I was back in this situation.

Toni On Splitting From Her Husband:

I had to figure out a plan for my life that had nothing to do with him. I was angry with everybody. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt that I was a person dealing with a lot of struggles and here comes another one.

Toni On ‘Braxton Family Values’

It definitely makes me feel like, “Okay, I’m helping my family,” but then I discovered that they didn’t need any help because they were so talented.


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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ludacris ft Kelly Rowland ‘Representin’

Ludacris, real name Chris Bridges releases a new video for his current track ‘Representin’. Featuring gorgeous sounds of Kelly Rowland, Ludacris goes slow on the track with Kelly signature vocals in the background. Taken from his current album ‘Ludaversal’ it’s a track to put on repeat on this one.

Celebs Support The Obama Campaign In The Best Way They Know How

I can’t say how effective accessories and body paint will be in Obama’s Presidential campaign but actors and musicians alike a very much willing to give it a good go!

Beyonce was seen over the weekend wearing a pair of Obama hoop earnings in a bid to advertise and assert her support for president Obama. Created by Puerto Rican Jewellery designer Erika Peña who priced the earnings at $32 dollars a pair, apparently reported she had only sold five of the earnings until it was worn by the RnB star and has to date sold well over a thousand pairs world wide, with London making the highest demand.

Also on a mission to loudly and proudly get on the Obama advertising campaign is actress LisaRaye. The ‘Girlfriends’ actress recently posed in a photo shoot where she has nothing on her top half but a painting of the American flag and President Obama on her back.

More pics after the jump…

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New Music Video: ‘Va Va Voom’ By Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj has dropped a video for her Va Va Voom tune, her latest track off her upcoming album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up.

The video which was directed by the famous Hype Williams has Nicki Minaj living several exciting fairy tale plots…

Will Smith Brings Back The Fresh Prince For Gabrielle Union’s 40th Birthday!

Will Smith hit Gabrielle Union with a blast from the past during her 40th birthday bash over weekend. The 44 Year old Hollywood A lister serenaded Gabrielle with his Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap back from the early 1990’s…no doubt he had the whole club joining in!

Check the video below!

Kim Kardashian Shopping At Price Choice Food Market Like Everyone Else

Maybe Kim Kardashian wants us to know that she is just like us or she wants to pretend she is cool and does what we all so.

Kim Kardashian was spotted last friday shopping at Price Choice Food Market discount supermarket in Miami, Florida.

Kim Kardashian and her family were in Miami filming episodes of their reality TV series, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

So the shopping trip was part of Kim’s portray of herself doing what we all do for the show…

Kim was seen pushing a shopping cart containing grocery bags and bottled water as we all do when we hit the supermarket.

NEW MUSIC: Alicia Keys ‘Unlock Yourself’

Taken from her  latest and fifth studio album ‘Girl On Fire’, Alica Keys has released her latest track ‘Unlock Yourself’. It’s a beautiful sounding inspirational track and aside from the questionable animated content of the video I can’t fault the track.

It’s likely the inspiration behind the video comes from the fact that the lyrics are directed at a younger audience and takes away from the vanity and distractions that a typical RnB music video would showcase.

Check out the track below…


Lil Wayne Hospitalised After Suffering A Seizure On His Private Jet

Reports have stated that 30 year-old rapper Lil Wayne suffered two seizures early this week whilst on his private jet. Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr was said to be on his jet flying to LAX on his way from Texas which was then diverted when he started convulsing and taken to a hospital in Louisiana where he was said to be given emergency treatment for severe dehydration and migraines. The rapper has since been recovering at home with family and let his fans know via Twitter that he is doing ‘ok’.

Not that we’re Doctor’s or anything BUT how likely is it that he suffered the two seizures purely from not hydrating himself enough. Many are speculating it’s more to do with his famous addiction to cough syrup more than anything.  At just 30 dude needs to fix up and take it real easy.

Diddy Injured In Car Accident In SUV

Diddy has been laying low and out of the press for some time but after the 42-year old ‘rapper’ crashed his SUV las’ night whilst out in Beverly Hills, he’s suddenly back in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons.  Diddy, real name Sean Combs, was seen lying on the ground after sustaining an injury during the crash.

The accident was said to happen after crashed into a Lexus. The rapper escaped the crashed without serious harm. Whilst Diddy came away unharmed, his driver was taken to hospital after sustaining some injury…take a look at the state of his ride, he should count himself very lucky! Diddy later posted comments on on tweeter saying…

Woah…that was a close one! (sic)

Bobby Brown Arrested Again For DUI…

For the 2nd time this year, singer Bobby Brown has been arrestedfor for DUI…

Reports say, Bobby Brown was pulled over around 1AM when police observed the singer driving erratically on an L.A. street.

When officers approached Brown’s vehicle, they detected a strong smell of alcohol and then asked Brown to get out of his car.

Bobby Brown is said to have performed a field sobriety test, but didn’t do very well so he was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Tyra Banks’ Model Boyfriend Wanted For Felony Assault By Cops



Tyra Banks’ 24-year-old boyfriend-Rob Evans who is a judge on ‘America’s Top Model’ is by the police wanted for assaulting a man in Beverly Hills somewhere March of this year.

And the sad part is, it seems Tyra Banks did not even know about this!

This is what TMZ is saying;

According to law enforcement sources, Rob Evans — a former boxer — is accused of beating the other guy up so bad, the victim ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. We’re told Rob’s boxer past is part of the reason he’s wanted for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

We’re told the warrant was issued for Evans’ arrest soon after the incident, but Evans cooperated with police from the get go — so they didn’t need to track him down.

But that all changed in recent weeks, when cops say Evans suddenly went silent — and stopped speaking to them.

We’re told the Beverly Hills PD now views Evans as a fugitive — and have dispatched a special fugitive team to track Evans down. Once found, he will be arrested on the spot.

Attempts to reach Evans were not successful.