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Keri Hilson Performs & Does Charity In Cote D’Ivoire-Africa

Over the weekend (Saturday) at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan-Ivory Coast (Africa), Keri Hilson performed to the excitement of  her Ivorian fans.

Whiles out there in Ivory Coast, Keri Hilson took up the charity basket and visited some children who lost their families during the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire.

She took to witter to say “… I wanted to bring joy…mission accomplished.” “Ivorian food is just unbelievable!!! Poulet braise’,…


Stars Get A Beat Down! Usher In Parking Lot Brawl+Keri Attacked On Stage In Paris!

The perks of being a star… on-call Bodyguards (aka Elvis Presley).  I’m not sure Usher would have stood a chance against this deranged woman who was intent of getting hold of the RnB star.

According to the one and only TMZ, the story goes that Usher decided to arrogantly parked in a handicapped spot and the woman decided it was her duty to get him to move his car (which he didn’t). Looks like she got in one right hook at least…

Meanwhile, Keri was doing what she does best ( ‘men-bashing’) when she was jumped on during performance in Paris. The fan apparently rushed up their for a kiss and got something else instead.  The over excited fan didn’t quite get what he went on stage for when he was

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Celebs Out n About: Keri Hilson & Ciara In Paris

RnB singer Keri Hilson was spotted out and about in Paris earlier in the week sporting this questionable black leather revealing dress. Keri went out for a night on the town at Paris nightclub ‘Raspoutine’. I guess it’s ok to go out on the streets of Paris with you bra exposed I’m not feelin’ it. Maybe some like it….

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Cee-Lo Green Interviews Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson passed by Cee-Lo Green’s fuse TV show ‘Talking With Strangers’. Keri yapped away about her roots in Georgia, how she got started as a songwriter and of course the controversy of her track ‘love me’ Keri talks about always knowing that one day she would be famous.

Check out the interview and her performance of ‘Pretty Girl Rock’.

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Keri Performs At London’s G.A.Y Club


You’re probably wondering where Keri Hilson thinks she’s going dressed half naked ( as usual). Well, Keri Hilson was spotted leaving her London hotel to make a special appearance at Elton John’s charity fundraiser at G-A-Y. London last night. Check out pics of her performance.

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Keri Hilson ‘I’ve Never Been That Sexual’….Really??

In a somewhat questionable interview with InStyle magazine this month 28 year old Keri Hilson talks about that questionably oversexed music video ‘Love/fug Me’ and working with Chris Brown on her recent track. Even though the magazine ironically quotes Hilson saying I’ll be honest’. Reading the interview I didn’t find her to be very candid at all. If you oversexualize your music then say that’s what it is. She claims she isn’t normally of that nature yet most her music videos are of a very provocative and sexual nature. I may not like it but at least tell it like it is…am I right?


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