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Usher Raymond Covers Men’s Health Magazine, Looking Yummy!


For more than a year now, R&B star-Usher Raymond has been working out hard, training to play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in an upcoming biopic…

The below shots show that the time he is spending in the gym is worth it, fetching him a full body display highlight in November’s issue of Men’s Health.

In the magazine, Usher talks about his musical career being on hold to mentally prepare him for the film, titled “Hands Of Stone,” among other things…

Check out the below excerpts from the magazine…

On putting his music career on hold
Mentally, I’m the type of person who can ignore the pain. Put it somewhere else and allow my body to just go there. But I always suffer. You can’t box, ride a bike for 20 miles in the heat—Georgia heat—and then go to the studio and rehearse. That’s not happening.

On keeping in shape
I train like an athlete every day, believe it or not. My second day,  I decided to ride to the gym, 10 miles from his home in Atlanta. So I rode there. Boxed. Rode the bike back home.

On how boxing compares to dancing
Fighters and dancers train to gain a measure of control over the outcome. If either deviates from his plan, the result is typically ugly, as Leonard learned the hard way. “I think we all reach a point in life where we’re not able to listen to common sense,” Usher says. “You almost have to fall to get up sometimes.

On his character Sugar Ray Leonard
My commitment to this character demands that I not only physically get ready, but also become him. The hair, the personality, the manner he conducts himself in—all that. He’s an incredible man.






Usher And Ex-Tameka Back In Court…It Is Still About The Kids

Usher and Tameka RaymondUsher Raymond and his ex-Tameka are back in court and this time Tameka, wants a judge to punish Usher for being a lousy dad who does whatever the hell he pleases with their kids and makes her life a living hell.

According to court documents she’s filed in Georgia, back in July, Usher stormed out of a co-parenting class they were ordered to attend … and he hasn’t been back since.  She says she’s begged him to return — but so far, he’s just ignored her.

Usher has primary custody of their two sons … but she says he’s supposed to make important family decisions with her — especially decisions about  schooling, travel and activities.

Tameka is not happy and claims Usher has shut her out. She never knows where he takes the boys or what he’s doing with them.   She’s especially pissed that he signed up one of the boys for football practice — without her approval.

She wants a judge to hold Usher in contempt and order him to be a better co-parent.

Usher’s Wife-Tameka Raymond To Appeal Custody Decision

Despite having put up strong arguments like Usher being on the road all the time and she (Tameka) having a stable schedule to take care of the two kids, Judge Lane who presided over the Usher Raymond v Tameka Raymond custody case granted Usher full custody of the children last Friday…

Disappointed mother-Tameka, who recently lost her son to death is said to be strongly considering an appeal against the court’s decision to grant Usher custody.

According to what TMZ is saying,

Tameka feels the ruling was unfair. We’re told Tameka recently found out that Usher’s lawyer’s law firm threw an election fundraiser back in 2008 for the judge who presided over the trial … and she feels that connection may have influenced the ruling.

According to the campaign contribution report for Judge Lane, the law firm that represented Usher raised $1,278 for Lane in March 2008.

Tameka who still cannot believe the decission and thinks it was greatly influenced by MONEY took to twitter saying…


New Music Video: ‘Dive’ By Usher

Judge Orders Usher To Re-open Tameka’s Saks Credit Card..Custody Battle Continues

Though no judgement has been handed down yet by Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane on who gets to have the two cute boys in the Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s long custody battle, the judge has ordered Usher to re-open his ex-wife Tameka’s Fifth Avenue credit card-SAKS which is in his name.

Since the beginning of the court battle, Tameka has been asking the court to force Usher to reinstate her card which he cancelled,claiming that the card has become a necessity to her and her her business…

For whatever reason the Judge saw, he has found it equitable that Tameka should be given the card back. He has ordered Usher must pay owed nanny fees in the amount of $1300.

It seems things are tipping to the side of Tameka….

Usher Raymond Vrs Tameka Raymond Custody Battle Concludes

According to celebrity blogger Sandra Rose, she has gotten the inside scoop on the conclusion of RnB star Usher Raymond and ex wife Tameka Raymond’s custody battle…

Sandra says..

The judge presiding over the contentious Raymond vs Raymond child custody hearing called an emergency meeting after closing arguments today. This, according to my confidential source who was seated in the courtroom during closing arguments.

The confidential source told Sandrarose.com there were two high points in the closing from both sides in this case: Tameka wants her child support to increase by 3k monthly, she also wants her nanny pay to be reimbursed to her in the amount of 34k. She doesn’t want Usher to have over night guests while the kids are with him, and she is adamant about having him return her Sak’s Fifth Avenue credit card back to her.

Tameka’s attorney Lisa West was emotionally moved in court when she learned that Usher is refusing to pay her attorney fees. Both parties asked for an emergency hearing to determine exactly what was spent for Tameka’s legal fees. This move will likely delay the decision by the judge to rule on the overall case. West’s legal fees are said to have exceeded $125k and Usher has already paid his attorneys $250k.

‘Tameka Foster Spit On & Attacked My Girlfriend’ Says Usher In Custody Battle

The custody battle between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster is getting more dirty with messy revelations each time the is a court hearing.

Today in court, Usher narrated a very disturbing incident involving his ex-wife, Tameka Foster and now girlfriend-Grace Miguel.

This is how TMZ reported it…

… under questioning by his attorney, [Usher] revealed how Tameka once went ballistic and “wanted to fight” … when he showed up at her house with his new sidepiece.

Ush testified Tameka walked to his car and said, “I’m gonna kick your ass. Bitch get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?”

He added, “She continued to spit. At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her.”

Usher claims he had to get out of the car and block Tameka … who then hit him. Usher said he pleaded with Tameka to calm down, but claims “she threw a plate of food at the car” … as he fled the situation.

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Stars Get A Beat Down! Usher In Parking Lot Brawl+Keri Attacked On Stage In Paris!

The perks of being a star… on-call Bodyguards (aka Elvis Presley).  I’m not sure Usher would have stood a chance against this deranged woman who was intent of getting hold of the RnB star.

According to the one and only TMZ, the story goes that Usher decided to arrogantly parked in a handicapped spot and the woman decided it was her duty to get him to move his car (which he didn’t). Looks like she got in one right hook at least…

Meanwhile, Keri was doing what she does best ( ‘men-bashing’) when she was jumped on during performance in Paris. The fan apparently rushed up their for a kiss and got something else instead.  The over excited fan didn’t quite get what he went on stage for when he was

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Celebs Spotted: Usher & Bey Hang Out With The Fam!

I love catching glimpses of pics of the celebs hanging out their people. I need a reminder now and again that they are NORMAL and do NORMAL things. Like celebrate birthdays with the in-laws and take their kiddies for ice cream…nice!

Check out pics of Beyonce as she celebrates Jay-z’s Granny’s B-day with cupcakes…cute right?

Even cuter still! Usher spends some quality father son time with his two sons 3-year-old Usher Raymond V and 2-year-old Naviyd. Usher treated the boyz out to ice cream…absent fathers…please TAKE NOTE!


Usher Shows Us The Good Stuff!


Usher does what he does best in June’s edition of In style magazine. No pic of Usher is worth lookin’ at unless he’s ready to show us a lil somthin’ somthin. Usher is definitely looking hot and treats us to what he loves and loathes best in life.

Instyle magazine describes the RnB star as ‘a western sex symbol’. Within all his roles in life, musician, dancer, producer, actor, philanthropist…being a father is his most treasured role!

Turn-On: Friendliness

Turn-Off: Bad breath

Sexiest Getaway: Paris

Grooming Ritual: Daily massages and workouts. I eat primarily healthy – when I’m not eating junk food!

Favourite Make-Out Song: So Beautiful by Musiq Soulchild

What I Wear To Bed: Depends on who’s with me

Celerity Crush: Not Justin Bieber