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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wife ‘Maria’ Files For Divorce + There Will Be Equal Split Of Assets

Arnold Divorce

The celebrity blog TMZ reported yesterday that, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver has cited ”irreconcilable differences” as her reason and have filed a divorce petition to end her 25years marriage to former California Governor-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to TMZ,

Shriver is asking for spousal support and wants the judge to deny Arnold the right to ask for support for himself– though it’s highly unlikely he would.

Shriver is asking for joint custody of their minor children, who she names in the document as 17-year-old “Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger” and 13-year-old “Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger.”

And, in the petition, filed by disso-queen Laura Wasser, Shriver is asking Arnold to pay the attorneys’ fees of both parties.

An issue that this divorce will raise is the division of assets. Since there is no prenup, all assets accumulated over the years of marriage will be equally divided.

Anorld is estimated as being worth $300 million and Maria $100 million. The two have been married for 25years which therefore means their assets prior to marriage will be difficult to be separated from those acquired after marriage. There is therefore a huge probability that all assets will be put together for division.

Even though there is a potential 50/50 division of assets, this is not binding if the two decides on any other reasonable share.

Image Credit: TMZ

Will Smith Gives Great Relationship Advice, Probably Out Of 13 Years Experience…

Being married for 13 years in the world of celebrities is ‘a hell lotta’ big deal and as such, I think Will Smith’s advice on marriage which recently appeared in Essence Mag is one everyone should read and borrow, especially we the ladies…

If You Marry Your Best Friend, You’re Good
Every man wants to marry his homie, Will explained. A lot of women will impress them, but it’s the one they can always laugh with and be themselves with that will ultimately impress them the most. If you can be yourselves around each other, 100 percent of the time, and they can make you life like no one else can, you’llnever have a dull moment together.

Remind Him of What He Has
When you start to feel that you’re nagging your husband to the point of no return and nothing you’re saying is getting through, Will suggests you try a new approach. Hold him close, look him right in the eyes, and tell him that you love him, you’re right there, and you always will be, BUT you need him to pick his socks up – right now.  As Will puts it, it’s important to remind him that your request is coming from a good place, and what you want is a small thing in the grand scheme of things. Um, genius! Read more