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Oscar Nominee Has Been Disqualified!

Alone Yet Alone

The Academy’s board of governors have voted to rescind the original song nomination for ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’, music by Bruce Broughton and lyric by Dennis Spiegel. And have said an additional nominee in the category will not be named.

The disqualification comes as a result of  the discovery that Broughton, a former governor and current music branch executive committee member, had emailed members of the branch to make them aware of his submission during the nominations voting period.

“I’m devastated,” Broughton told Variety. “I indulged in the simplest, lamest, grass-roots campaign and it went against me when the song started getting attention. I got taken down by competition that had months of promotion and advertising behind them.” Read more

Rapper T.I & Wife Tiny End 14 Years Relationship? + What Is Causing The Break Up

(Photo: Tiny via Instagram)

It seems the over 14 years relationship rapper-T.I. has built with his wife-Tiny is ended, or will end soon…

Tiny who has been there for T.I even during his 3 jail terms and a mother of their six kids must be tired and thinks the only way she will be happy is to seek out…

Over the weekend, the Internet started flying with rumors that the couple are headed for divorce, after the couple posted series of split suggestive messages on their instagram pages.

T.I. posted;

Dis da 1st day of da  rest of my life!!!! IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!!! No details necessary…. Just try to accept da change. Cuz it IS upon us. But if u CANT…Den it’s #F-CKwhoever #ImwitWHATEVA…. From now on. And that’s #OnDoeB #OnPhil it’s #Hustegangovererrrrthang #god #Children #ThatCheck IN THAT ORDER!!!!! What God got for me Can’t NOBODY TAKE it away…it’s mines!!!!

Tiny then later posted this;

“These n-ggas be acting up & these B’s be letting em! True Story… My fav song right now!!!! So what you saying hoe!”

Luckily, before things could get completely out of hand, Shekinah (Tiny’s BFF and hairstylist) took to Instagram in an attempt to put out the fire. She posted:

People stop with the BS @majorgirl and @troubleman31 are good!!! (They are still together) Don’t believe everything you hear!!!!! Don’t believe the hype!!!!

According to Bossip, a tipster has said; T.I is being hustled out of his marriage by a side chick….
Allegedly, over the years, Tip has become very insecure about the comments that people make on social media about Tiny’s physical features. According to this “insider”, Troubleman felt “pity” for Tiny and felt an obligation to stay with her since she has always been his ride-or-die chick.

The tipster goes on to say that T.I. has side pieces in both ATL and Los Angeles who he “sponsors”. To make matters worse, Tiny caught wind of Tip’s ATL boo through her loud mouth BFF, Shekinah! The two are said to have met about a year ago and have engaging in all kinds of raunchy shenanigans on the regular.

Now, the girl is said to be pregnant and the isht has hit the fan in the Harris household!

Songstress-India Arie Says The Grammy Awards Purposely Exclude Young Black People And Gives No Shine To Their Craft

India Arie

According to songstress-India Arie, the Grammy Awards purposely exclude young black people and gives no shine to their craft.

Joining the many India who were in disagreement with the fact uber-talented hip hop lyricist Kendrick Lamar failed to take home any Grammys over the weekend, the songstress had this to say;

Though it’s called “Music industries biggest night” the #Grammys are NOT about the music, it’s a popularity contest. The voting process allows people, to vote on name recognition alone – the music industry politics is a whole NUTHER conversation. Too much to go into here.

The American Music Awards is a show that awards sales and popularity – the #Grammys are SAID to be about the music.

If the hip hop community voted on hip hop – r&b COMMUNITY the same – same for each category – we’d see winners that reflect the MUSIC ITSELF. We all know that’s just not the way it goes.

She continued;

NOW the BIGGER losers, are ALL of black music. Where was the black music community represented in last nights #Grammy show? Performers and Winners (or not) … Where were the black artists?

And this isn’t the first time the #Grammy’s has had a show all but excluding young black America and black artists in general, although we set the worlds musical trends. Why NOT televise the lifetime achievement awards of the Isley Brothers? SURELY they deserved to be on televised stage LAST NIGHT! While other artists were on stage TWICE?

The truth is in a perfect world diversity would matter, and respect would be rampant, but the TRUTH is, The #Grammys is a television show, and in THAT world ratings reign supreme. So, in general, bigger names take the stage, and sadly the biggest names often times ARE BIGGER drawn along racial lines from the release of an album. i.e. marketing dollars, and just general support. It’s unfortunate.

I don’t even get surprised any more, but, it still hits my sense of fairness, because I KNOW many of the artists who are overlooked. I LIVE in that world. We keep showing up and subjecting ourselves to the game, hoping MAYBE we’ll win. I was so HAPPY to see @Kendricklamar take that stage – because it is a FORM of winning, at LEAST, he was SEEN.

Speaking of diversity, congratulations to my PERSONAL favorite albums of the year – @I_GregoryPorter #LiquidSpirit @Realsnarkypuppy and @lalahhathaway on your win and THANK YOU! @pharrell for acting RIGHT in the presence of the greatness that is @Nilerodgers and #StevieWonder

Love to all #SoulBirdsWorldWide


P.S. No mention of Nelson Mandela at ALL? … and THIS is why we NEED the Image Awards AND the BET awards.

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PHOTOS + Full List Of Winners-2014 Grammys


The highest honour in the music industry-2014 Grammys was held last night at the Staples Center in LA with incredible performances from the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Madonna, Macklemore and others…

Also, after Macklemore finished verses on the monstrous hit, 33 couples came up unto the aisles of the Staples Center for Queen Latifah to officiate their wedding ceremony in front of the millions of people who were watching the Grammys worldwide.

It was such an amazing sight… After the officiating, Queen told the press that;

It was something I took very seriously, that is someone’s life commitment to one another, you want to make sure you do it right. That’s what sunk in for me. To have your wedding in front of 100 million people is pretty momentous. I can say I was here and that will not leave me. I look forward to dashing off and signing all their wedding certificates.

Check out the full list of winners + photos below… Read more

Worried Justin Bieber’s Friends Express Concern Over ‘£5,000 a WEEK Marijuana Habit’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s arrest last week prompted widespread concern for his welfare and hope that it might curtail his increasingly wild behaviour.

But behind the scenes those closest to Justin Bieber believe the young star is out of control and claim he is spending as much as £5,000 a week on marijuana.

According to the Sun On Sunday, friends say cannabis and addictive codeine based mixture ‘sizzurp’ are two of an array of drugs the hit-maker is taking on a daily basis.

According to the newspaper, a source said “weed plays a huge part in Justin’s life. He smokes 12 bongs a day and can spend £5,000 a week. He also takes relaxant Xanax and sleep aid Ambien”. Read more

Christina Milian Looking FAB In Orange Bodycon Dress As She Leaves Nightclub Holding Fiancé Jas Prince’s Arm

Christina Milian1

Christina Milian who announced her engagement to Jas Prince in September last year was spotted last night rocking an orange bodycon dress, leaving 1 Oak nightclub, in West Hollywood, arm in arm with Jas.

She teamed the dress with a pair of strappy platform silver heels, a red clutch bag, accessorising with just a watch and a simple pair of silver hoop earrings.

Christina kept her long, dark caramel locks in waves, and wore face shimmer, nude lipgloss and subtle silver/grey eyeshadow. Read more

Rihanna & Best Friend Take Off Their Bras & Pose For The Camera

Rihanna and Melissa1

During a recent trip to Brazil, Rihanna and her best friend-Melissa Forde decided to take off their bras off and then pose for the camera—with their back…

I do not see the sense in posing for a booty shot and then taken off your bra which is not even facing the camera but then, a lot of things do not make sense in the world of Rihanna, especially if she has been smoking.

As usual, Rihanna got instagram and the blogs including us talking…

She surely is a badass…I mean Rihanna

Rihanna and Melissa2

PHOTOS: Kanye West Spotted Shopping In Paris

Kanye West1

Kanye West is currently with fiancé Kim Kardashian in Paris, probably the most fashion-forward city in the world.

Kanye West who is currently in Paris with fiancé Kim Kardashian was was spotted solo shopping yesterday….

Kanye was photographed leaving Dior on Avenue Montaigne, wearing a camel-coloured pea coat over a fuzzy beige sweater.He teemed it with dark leather trousers and black lace up shoes which he accessorised with a simple gold chain around his neck.

Check below for more photos… Read more

Soulja Boy Arrested For Possession Loaded Gun

Soulja Boy

Rapper-Soulja Boy


Rapper-Soulja Boy was arrested in L.A. early this morning for having a loaded gun in his possession…

According to reports, the 23-year-old rapper was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over in the San Fernando Valley for running a stop sign early Wednesday morning.

During the stop, cops say they noticed that Soulja was in possession of a loaded gun and arrested him on the stop.

Soulja who was taken to a nearby jail and  booked on a felony charge was granted a Bail for $35,000.

Nicki Minaj Covers ESPN Magazine With BA superstar Kobe Bryant


Rapper Nicki Minaj is ESPN’s new cover girl with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, standing next to her…

On the cover, Nicki Minaj rocks a pair of orange heels by British designer John Galliano.

The Music Issue is one of the many covers to hit the market soon, ahead of the Super Bowl XLVIII on February 1…

Read more