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Dr Conrad Murray Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Judge Michael Pastor today sentenced Dr. Conrad Murray to 4 YEARS IN PRISON. However, Dr Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law.  He will serve his sentence in L.A. County Jail. Even in jail, the most Murray will serve is half the sentence.

Delivering the judgement, Judge Pastor seemed angry and talked repeatedly about Dr. Murray’s documentary in which he laid the blame at Michael Jackson’s doorstep.  it seems the documentary did Dr Murray no good, rather helped to get him the maximum sentence.

During the sentence, Judge Pastor said, “There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint.  There are those who feel he’s the devil.  He is neither.  He’s a human being.”

Keri Hilson Performs & Does Charity In Cote D’Ivoire-Africa

Over the weekend (Saturday) at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan-Ivory Coast (Africa), Keri Hilson performed to the excitement of  her Ivorian fans.

Whiles out there in Ivory Coast, Keri Hilson took up the charity basket and visited some children who lost their families during the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire.

She took to witter to say “… I wanted to bring joy…mission accomplished.” “Ivorian food is just unbelievable!!! Poulet braise’,…


New Music Video: Birdman Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – ‘Y U Mad’

The Cash Money big guns namely Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and the Birdman himself have released a Cash Money signature music video for Birdman’s tune-‘Y U Mad’.

The music video has scenes featuring money stacks for breakfast, a lot swimsuit models and luxurious Maybach rides. Is that not what Cash Money does? Spend the unlimited cash however desired…LOl

Check out the video below…

Drake Says ‘Rihanna Is The Most Iconic Female Right Now – Next To Nicki Minaj’…Really?

In a chit chat with Google Music few weeks ago during the promo for his new album, ‘Take Care’, Drake mentioned that Rihanna is the most iconic female out right now, next to  Nicki Minaj (his label mate). .. REALLY?

Check out excerpts and video below…

On being consistent and making quality music
I’m not the guy that would ever be able to make surface music with no substance. I think all my projects, hopefully, I’m working through some form of emotion because I think that’s what music is about. It’s about connecting and people being able to relate.

In five years, I like people to view “Take Care” at that point as another point of consistency. Another over delivery on something people thought I was going to drop the ball on. I think every time I say I’m about to do something people are waiting for me to fumble. That’s probably one of the biggest motivations behind a lot my raps is the amount of people that want me to fall or whatever. I think that should be the motivation for most rappers. The further you climb towards the top, the more hands you have on your pants leg dragging you to the bottom. I wear really strong pants.

On collaborating with Rihanna with the title track “Take Care”
I think my goal was something that moves. I really wanted to bring her into our world but still allow her to be herself. I think she really shines bright. She comes from a place that’s so rich in culture, so rich in music, but being what I feel like, the most iconic female period right now—next to Nicki Minaj, of course… [Nicki is] just doing incredible, she’s my favorite person.

On making music for women
Kendrick Lamar says something on my album that rings so true. “Women are the tastemakers for the music that we make.” Women buy records and women fall in love with music and listen to it when they fall asleep. It moves them and I have this fascination with getting into the minds of women and truly letting them know how I think as a man and letting them know how I view them as women. That should appeal to men as well.

On his legacy
I want people to really feel like I knew Drake while he was on this Earth. I know everything about him. There were no secrets, there was nothing that he hid, no feelings that he concealed. In five years, hopefully I have a couple more projects out that surpass Take Care, but I would like for them to say I remember that moment when I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen and Drake delivered an album that served a purpose in my life.

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Akon Gives Back For Thanksgiving…

In case you been wondering what Akon has been upto in the last year, he’s been one busy man. As the festivities kick off in full swing it’s the perfect opportunity for celebs to show how charitable they can be. As part of his charity foundation ‘Konfidence’, the multi-talented producer and singer found time to generously gave away 300 turkeys to families for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Akon took to twitter saying:

Whenever You Share The Goodness In Your Heart, You Always End Up Winning Because ; LIFE Is An Echo, It Gives Back What You Have Give.

More pics after the jump…

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ludacris ‘Bada Boom’

‘Drake and Big Sean made bold (and partially misunderstood) assertions in the press earlier this year, which caught the ear of ATL rapper Ludacris. While describing his “Supa Dupa” flow, Sean told RapFix that he had resurrected the punchline style of rapping, which Drake then made popular on “Forever.” Drake took it a step further by quoting a line from Luda’s hit “My Chick Bad,” as a diluted example of other rappers copying the flow and that triggered Luda to respond on the single “Bada Boom” from his mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time. Now, the controversial tracks gets the video treatment, complete with an ode to Hollywood.

Taken from the movie ‘Fifth Element’ Ludacris The video for “Bada Boom” opens up with a snippet of a scene from the 1997 sci-fi blockbuster film The Fifth Element, which starred Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich (Two weeks ago the model/actress tweeted her excitement about Luda paying tribute to the film in his song). From there, an actress dressed in a similar outfit as Jovovich’s get-up in the movie walks up to a laptop–wearing a pair ofLuda’s Soul headphones–to search the meaning of the word “war.” At this point clips of past, heated rap battles are spliced together and displayed on screen, before Ludacris launches into his first verse.

Ludacris aggressively attacks the track, with his face never fully shown, as other images supplant the vivid imagery in his rhymes. Luda also manages to reference an earlier rap war he had with T.I. by mentioning the track “Stomp.”


Beyonce Don’t Care What You Think+Behind The Scenes of Bey’s Music Video’s

…and quite frankly I’m not too bothered either. I’m really trying to understand and figure out how the Bey camp managed to make such a mockery of Beyonce being preggers. It should be simple, you get pregnant you tell people you’re having a baby…simple, no? All the rumours surrounding the weird controversies is just truly bizarre. Beyonce is by far the only celebrity that has announced a pregnancy with such madness surrounding the news. Then again who knows with the big bad crazy world of celebdom!

Whilst shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ Beyonce can be seen taking the mick out of the daily news who put her on the front page to say she is faking her pregnancy. Bey laughs off the rumours and announces she is 6 months pregnant. You can see how the whole situation has got out of hand with Bey doing some music videos and performances sometimes flat, sometimes big. Time will tell?

More videos after the jump…

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Music Video: ‘Dance For You’ By Beyonce

Beyonce’s  ‘Dance For You‘ official video is here and I am loving the black and white visuals. Also, as I said before, I love the the way she is working it dedicatedly SEXY in the video.

Check out the official video below…

TI Covers Vibe: Defends His Wife-Tiny, Anti-Gays & Talks About Bin Laden’s Death…

T I Covers Vibe Magazine  December Issue

T I Covers Vibe Magazine December Issue

The King of the South, rapper T.I., has been privileged to cover VIBE MAGAZINE’s last edition of the year (December issue). In the magazine, T.I. talked about Gays who currently wield the balance of power in the entertainment industry. He also spoke on Bin Laden’s death and defended his wife (Tiny) against the the folks criticizing her for not taking the drug charge which he has already served prison sentence for…

Check out excerpts below…

On The legitimacy of Osama’s death
If that really happened…. Man, I’m a conspiracy theorist by nature. You can’t experience the federal penal system and not be somewhat skeptical.

T.I. on all Americans having equal rights
Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a d*ck, you can take a joke.’ [Cracks up laughing.] That sh*t was funny to me. And it’s kind of true.They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ … That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’

T.I. on people criticizing Tiny for not taking the drug charge 
I’ma tell you, 50 Cent and anybody else, we not gonna have no discussion about what my ole lady shoulda, woulda, coulda done for anything as it pertains to me,” begins his rant. “We ain’t gonn’a do that. I’m the only one in my family that’s gonna take a lick when it pertains to the legal system. Since me, none of my other family members have seen a jail cell. Nobody. I’m the last one. The buck stops here. I feel that a person that stands behind [his woman for a criminal charge] is a coward anyway.

I doubt she would have gotten any time
She wasn’t gonna catch it period, ’cause I’m there. That wasn’t even a consideration. Even if she asked me to I would’ve been like, “Nah, you trippin’. “

So you didn’t feel you were more valuable to your family, employees and business partners on the street?
That’s a discussion between me and another man. Not with the mother of my children. Not with the nurturer of my household.

You can grab a copy on 6th December, 2011.

Credit: Vibe

NEW MUSIC: Lil Kim ‘I’m Not The One’

Lil Kim is keepin’ em coming with the hot and feisty tracks. Following from the recent remix of Uncle Murda’s ‘Warning’, Queen B goes hard with ‘I’m not the one’.

Check it…


Rihanna Designs For Emporio Armani

Following Rihanna’s recent campaign for Emporio Armani ads for their jeans and underwear, it appears the brand is so happy they’ve asked her to work on the creative side of things and design a new collection.

Considering her on and off stage attire, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the collection and would definitely rock those jeans and the Tee. It’s understated yet trendy.

Armani are set to release Rihanna’s new collection this month online and is said to be available from Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Check out more pics after the jump!

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