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Amber Rose Cast in New Sitcom TV-Selfie

Amber Rose1

Amber Rose plays a high school senior in her new film-School Dance, directed by Nick Cannon. Today, Amber stepped out in New York, wearing a red fitted dress—as she went to promote the movie.

But even before we see the movie which hits the theatre tomorrow, Amber Rose,30 has found another gigi in a new sitcom TV called Selfie.

It definitely seems like this year is going to be busy for Amber Rose—and to be frank, she was looking HOT in that red dress.

Amber Rose2

Amber Rose Spotted With 11-Month Old Baby ‘Bash’

Amber Rose and Baby Bash3

Amber Rose was spotted at a Malibu playground, spending quality time and playing with her her 11-month-old son-Sebastian ‘Bash’ Taylor.

Amber Rose is surely enjoying being a mother, enjoying the company of her first son with Wiz Khalifa.

Check out the photos below Read more

Kanye West Proposes to Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

According to news broken by E! Kanye West has proposed to his baby mama Kim Kardashian with whom he welcomed a daughter (North West) recently.

The proposal happened in San Francisco at the AT and T park where there 50 musicians on the field at the Giants park.

An excited Kanye reportedly rented out the entire baseball stadium and proposed in front of family and friends.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West although they started dating only recently, have been friends for many years and have even been rumoured to get together during their friendship days. A rumour that was confirmed by Kanye’s ex Amber Rose who said in an interview on the Wendy Williams show after she and Kanye broke up that Kanye and Kim have always been wildly attracted to each other.

The proposal came on Kim Kardashian’s 33rd birthday 21st October.

We wish to congratulate them for finally getting it together and we wish these two Mega stars a beautiful and LASTING marriage!

Kanye West Proposes to Kim2


PHOTOS: Amber Rose Shows Photos Of Baby Bash

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash1

Amber Rose is teasing the world with some cute images of Baby Bash.

Even though she has refused to show his baby, the proud mother took to instagram yesterday to share some pictures of herself—spending time in the pool with baby Sebastian Bash.

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash2

Amber-Rose-Shows photos baby Bash3


It’s Official, They Are Married: Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Share First Photo As Husband And Wife


In a court house ceremony yesterday, Amber Rose and Khalifa (real name Cameron Thomaz) tied the knot—so they are officially married now…

After the ceremony and in celebrating her joy, Amber Rose tweeted; “Yay me and my baby are officially married!!!” and posted a pic on Instagram of she and Wiz kissing with a caption that read, “Happily ever after.”

Wiz Khalif also took to twitter to express his joy, stating;

“Me and Amber got married today. Weddings this fall. Thought I’d let yall know.


PHOTOS: Amber Rose Spotted At Malibu Beach

Amber Rose1

As part of her 4th of July celebration, Amber Rose was spotted at Malibu Beach, California partying with friends.

Wearing a white bathing suit under a multi-color cover up, it is obvious from the photos that Amber is working hard to get rid of the post baby-weight…

How quick will that happen?

Amber Rose2

Amber Rose3

Amber Rose Shares Photo Of Wiz Khalifa Holding Baby Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz

Wiz Khalifa Holding His Baby

Is this not cute? Wiz Khalifa must really be excited and the way he is looking at the baby says it all-he a proud dad.

New mother-Amber Rose shared the above photo of his BF and baby father-Wiz Khalifa holding their new born baby Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz.

CONFIRMED: Amber Rose Is Officially A Mother…Welcomes Baby Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz Into The World

Wiz Khalifa

It is official, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa welcome their new baby into the world and they call it-Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz.

At around 3 p.m. EST Thursday (Feb. 21), Wiz Khalifa tweeted the above photo of him in scrubs and captioned it “Daddy time”.

Two hours after his photo tweet, he again sent out the below message, indicating that he is a proud Dad.

Wiz Khalifa is a father

We surely can’t wait to see the baby’s face and we know you can’t wait too.

Congrats to Amber and Wiz!

Amber Rose Pregnant Wiz Khalifa XXL Cover

It Is True…Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Married

Amber Rose Pregnant MTV Awards 2012



Seems the wedding rumors are true … because Amber Rose says Wiz Khalifa ain’t just her baby daddy anymore …. he’s also her HUSBAND!!

It’s unclear when and where the two tied the knot … but Amber definitely let it slip when we shot her in L.A. yesterday.

We had just given Amber a Ninja Turtles ice cream bar — because she loves ice cream — when she said, “My husband loves Ninja Turtles.”

Fact: Wiz Khalifa has a NINJA TURTLES TATTOO on his leg!


Heavily Pregnant Amber Rose Spotted With Mother

Pregnant Amber Rose

Pregnant Amber Rose

Heavily pregnant Amber Rose, 30 was spotted yesterday with her mother shopping for Thanksgiving…

Amber Rose is expected to have a baby boy next month and to be frank, she looks cute with the bump.

Amber Rose Says She Wants Baby To Be In Wedding Photos So That Is Why She Will Marry After Birth…

If you have been wondering when Amber Rose and BF Wiz are going to get married now that a baby is on the way, the couple have the answer for you…

It looks like it has all been well calculated…

In a recent interview with XXL, the couple revealed that they are thinking about getting their marriage license very soon but the actual wedding will definitely have to wait until after Amber gives birth so that the baby can be included in the photos.

This is what they said…

Wiz Khalifa 

There’s no date set yet. But we’ll probably get licensed and married before the baby’s born, and do a wedding afterwards because it makes more sense for the baby to be in the wedding than for her to be pregnant. Some people, they rush and do it. But, it works both ways.

Amber Rose

Yeah, we definitely want our baby to be in our wedding pictures. And you know, being pregnant, I’m tired a lot. So to have a whole wedding and planning it all out and the reception–I just don’t want to be sleeping when everybody’s partying at our wedding.”