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Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Found GUILTY of Assault & Chris’ Trial is Next

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s bodyguard-Christopher Hollosy was found guilty this morning of assault which means, Chris Brown’s trail is next per the Court’s schedule.

Christopher Hollosy had told police he punched the victim after he allegedly tried to get onto Brown’s tour bus … but the victim said that was never the case.

With Christopher Hollosy having been found guilty, Brown must be sweating now because if he is found guilty of misdemeanor assault/battery (which he denies punching the man) the judge in the Rihanna beating case could revoke his probation and sentence Brown to up to four years in jail.


No Escape for Chris Brown…Judge Rejects Request to Dismiss Assault Case

Chris Brown

Unfortunate for Chris Brown but fortunate for justice, Chris Brown’s assault case is going forward after a judge in Washington on Monday rejected a request to dismiss it.

Chris Brown’s lawyers decided to argue on legal technicalities for dismissal, saying, because prosecutors abused the grand jury process to prepare for trial, the case should be dismissed…

According Chris’ lawyer-Mark Geragos, prosecutors used the grand jury to ‘freeze’ the testimony of the alleged victim in the case, a man who says Brown and his bodyguard punched him outside a Washington hotel in October.

Geragos went as far as saying, Chris’ assault is ‘the most investigated misdemeanor of all time.’

But Judge Patricia Wynn did not fall for the arguments. She agreed with prosecutors that they had a right to use the grand jury to assess the strength of their case. Read more

VIDEO: Chris Brown Calls Karrueche from Jail to Say He Loves Her

Karrueche Tran

When it comes to Chris Brown and his two girls-Karrueche and Rihanna, you never know who is the queen—as it seems they are running a shift.

Despite rumours of Chris Brown and Karrueche having fallen out AGAIN, Karrueche took to instagram last night with a video of herself listening to Chris Brown straight from jail—probably to show the world that Chris still thinks about her even while in jail.

In the video, Chris is heard saying

I’m calling all my fans, letting ya’ll know I love ya’ll. Thank ya’ll for all the support. Thanks for everything. The video just came out so I hope ya’ll enjoyed that. And most importantly, K, Karrueche, I love you.

Now that Chris Brown is in jail, he seems to know who tell he loves. Let the dude be out and you will know his real character.

Check out the video below

Chris Brown Says Jail is Terrible & He Feels Like a ‘Caged Animal’

Chris Brown

As reported, Chris Brown is pulling strings from jail in order to be a free man soon by negotiating to pay off his alleged assault victim in D.C. so the case goes away and the judge in the Rihanna case lets him loose.

Meanwhile, he says he has learnt a big lesson and that prison has finally scared the hell out him, making him to think straight

According to TMZ;

Chris Brown says he’s finally been scared straight — because he learned pretty quickly … jail sucks.

You’d think the photos of Rihanna’s battered face would have left an impression … on him.  But apparently it took a few days in solitary to shake Chris to the core.

One source — who recently spoke with Brown on the phone — tells us, Chris says he feels like “a caged animal,” calling it “the worst experience of my life.”

We’re told Chris has been spending his time behind bars working out and writing music.  He’s telling people on the phone, “I’ll never f*** up again.”

Not particularly convincing.

Chris Brown Says His Former Manager-Tina Davis is Leaking His Music

Chris Brown Super Club

Trust Chris Brown to make his presence known the moment he lands.  Dude is back from rehab and he did not leave behind much as he took to twitter over the weekend to accuse his former manager-Tina Davis of leaking his music.

Chris Brown sent the below tweet and later deleted, but that was not all…

Chris-Brown-Tina-DavisAfter deleting the above, Chris Brown again tweeted; ‘Snakes in the grass….. Just stay positive’

Former Chris Brown’s manager Tina Davis, who began managing the star when he was  just 16 years old also responded by saying…. Read more

Chris Brown Says ‘I Always Had A God’

Chris Brown Super Club

Singer-Chris Brown decided to hit up a fancy restaurant last night as he celebrates his exit from anger management rehab and he told the papaz that — he was not in search of God.

Brown was leaving Aventine in Hollywood at around midnight, and with him saying he ‘always had a God’, we hope we will see him doing more of what God tells him…

Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab For Anger Management

Chris Brown Super Club

Music star-Chris Brown, 24, has just entered a rehab facility for anger management issues … probably to pull a quick one on the court following his recently felony assault.

Report say, Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, Mom and Gf-Karrueche dropped him off at a facility in Malibu where he will be working on his anger management…

Chris Brown flew to L.A. after getting released from the D.C. jail and met with L.A. County Probation Department officials who will determine if Brown violated his probation in the Rihanna case after allegedly punching a guy in the nose over the weekend which landed him in jail.

If Chris Brown is found to have violated his probabtion, he could be sentenced to as much as 4 years in prison. And as such, he is doing everything to make sure he is seen as putting in more than required, so to escape prison…

Chris Brown Arrested After Fight In Hotel—Still In Jail

Chris Brown Till I Die

Chris Brown is in trouble again and this time, he has been locked in jail—until probably Monday when he will be given bail.

Reports say a fun night at Howard Homecoming party ended terribly for Chris Brown who was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Last night Chris Brown hosted a party at The Park at Fourteenth Nightclub before he headed to his hotel around 4:30am. It was there that he got into an argument with a man and allegedly began punching him.

Later, Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested and thrown in jail…

According to TMZ;

TMZ just spoke with the victim. He tells us Chris broke his nose and he may need surgery as early as tomorrow morning. The victim confirmed he and a friend photo bombed the two women who were taking a picture with Brown when Chris went nuts. The victim says he’s not a Chris Brown fan … and was just hanging with a couple girls at the hotel when he saw the singer outside. The victim says he doesn’t understand why Brown would be “so homophobic” to hurl such a slur. And get this … the victim says he would have accepted an apology at the scene, but now he will absolutely press charges.

TMZ add that;

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ how the fight was triggered. Two woman approached Brown in front of the W Hotel and asked to take a picture with him. As the pic was about to be taken, 2 men rushed over to get in the photo. We’re told Chris then said, “I’m not into this gay s**t, I’m into boxing,” and threw a punch at the alleged victim. The fight was then taken to the ground.

As this is a felony assault, if found guilty, Chris could spend four years in jail—bearing in mind he is still on probation for the infamous Rihanna domestic violence incident.

Chris Brown Goes GAGA On Perez Hilton & Wendy Williams

Perez and Wendy

Wendy Williams has been throwing pins at Chris Brown and this time Chris Brown can’t take it anymore…

Somewhere last month, Wendy Williams blasted Chris Brown (calling him a “junkie” and his girlfriend “Koochie Crayon,”) on her show after he mentioned to JET Magazine that everyone continues to pick on him but no one brings up Jay Z’s troubled past.

Yesterday, Wendy Williams pulled celebrity blogger-Perez Hilton unto her show and together, they ridiculed Chris Brown while talking about his latest interview with UK’s Guradian where he mentioned that a girl of 14 broke his virginity when he was 8…

Chris Brown got pretty upset and took to twitter go GAGA on Perez Hilton and Wendy Williams.



New Music Video: ‘Love More’ By Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj

Publicist Says Chris Brown Seizure Caused By ‘Stress And Negativity’

Chris Brown Community Service

Singer-Chris Brown made headlines last week when news of of his dramatic seizure was picked up almost all the big media platforms.

Social media platforms like twitter were buzzing with his girlfriend-Karrueche Tran joining in to tweet ‘Prayers All Day’.

Chris Brown is said to have suffered the fit in a Los Angeles recording studio on Friday but he refused medical treatment. This led to intense discussion as to what might have caused the seizure.

In a press release sent out by Chris Brown’s PR-Nicole Perna to USA Today, the publicist stated that Chris Brown suffer a ”non-epileptic seizure (NES)”.

And that  “his doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the non-stop negativity.”

The question is; who brings the negativity and stress unto Chris?

He does it himself by getting into unnecessary troubles and having to face the law. This guy is always looking for the next problem to attach himself to—-if he is not ranting on twitter, he will be found somewhere doing some stupid thing which the media will certainly jump on.