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Chris Brown’s Kickball Game: Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner and More Spotted


Chris Brown, Quincy, Floyd Mayweather, The Game at the Charity Game

Chris Brown and Quincy Combs hosted a celebrity kickball game last night at Glendale Sports arena.”Team Chris Brown” won 7-5 against “Team Quincy”. Proceeds from the game goes to Chris Brown’s charity.

Many celebrities flocked to the event. Paris Hilton, The Game, Floyd Mayweather, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Christina Milian, Lil Wayne and more were spotted at Chris Brown’s Kickball charity game. As ever, Beyond Gossip have pictures of the celebrities that attended the charity game.

Check out photos below Read more

Pictures + Video of Chris Brown and Karrueche Arriving and Leaving Bootsy Bellows


Chris Brown was spotted last night with his ride or die chick, Karrueche at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, CA. The on-again off-again couple went out clubbing with their friends. Another celebrity at the place was Justin Bieber.

Today, the hotly anticipated Karrueche Tran interview will air on BET. Surely you and I can’t wait to see what emanate’s from the interview. For now have a gander at hot pics of Chris Brown, Karrueche and Justin Bieber at Bootsy Bellows. Read more

HOT SHOT: Chris Brown Debuts New Hairstyle


Chris Brown took to instagram moments ago to debut a brand new hairstyle. The 25-year-old crooner shared the picture with the caption “Taking it back to the 30s! Lol”.

We don’t hate it and we don’t love it! A throwback 30s hairstyle is not bad, but it is makes his forehead quite humongous. Lol!.  May be a throwback 80s music for his album “X” would make us feel better.

Video: Karrueche Tran Cries While Discussing Rihanna/Chris Brown Love Triangle


Wow it seems the love triangle drama between Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran and Rihanna is not ending yet.

On the recent episode of ‘Just Keke’, Keke Palmer interviewed Karrueche Tran, the on-again off-again girlfriend of Chris Brown.

Karrueche opened up for the first time her much publicized and scrutinized relationship with Chris Brown. She talked about the difficulties in dating a celebrity, public ridicule and the heartbreak she suffered when her lover went back to Rihanna. Read more

Chris Brown Spotted Eating at a Party In LA/Hangs Out With Friends and Fans


Chris Brown is looking fresher than ever. Before going to prison, he was quite skeletal and looked anorexic. Perhaps going to prison was a blessing in disguise, it kept him off the weeds for sure.

Breezy was spotted yesterday (July 13) in LA chilling out with friends at a party. He was photographed eating burger.

He was also seen earlier in the day hanging out with couple of friends. Read more

SHOCKING: Chris Brown and Drake Hit Studio

chris brown-and-drake-studio

After all the club fights and jabs, it seems Chris Brown and Drake have buried the hatchet. The two music superstars were spotted at a studio last night possibly recording a new song. Karrueche, Tyga and Justin Bieber were reportedly at the studio session too.

So this means both Chris and Drake are certainly over Rihanna? We hope so!

Well I can’t wait for whatever they are recording in the studio cos Drake+Chris=SLAYAGE. Kudos to them for behaving like men and reconciling.



Top 7 ‘Off And On’ Celebrity Couples

Chris Brown And Rihanna In Hawaii For Birthday1

On-again Off-again relationship is a crazy love cycle whereby couples move back and forth in their relationship by breaking up and making up continuously. Couples find it hard to make a definite decision to call it quits because they are like a drug to each other. They go cold turkey in their relationship hiatus or break, and unfortunately fall into each other’s arms again.

Break up/Make up relationships are not uncommon in the celebrity world. There are hundreds of ‘epic’ and notorious on-again, off-again relationship in Hollywood but below are our top 7.

Nelly and Ashanti

Is there a better example than Nelly/Ashanti love affair? On-again Off-again relationship is now comically synonymous with the urban entertainers. The pair started dating way back in 2003. They went back and forth in their relationship for a decade before Ashanti decided that enough is enough.

During their 10-year on and off love affair, Nelly dated a number of women notably Lashontae Heckward, while Ashanti was also rumoured to be dating record producer Irv Gotti. Currently, Nelly is going out with Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson. Read more

Finally, Chris Brown Released From Jail…

Chris Brown1Even though Chris Brown was sentenced to 131 days in Jail on 9th May, 2014, the music star is reported to have been released last night, after spending a total of 108 days in jail.

In fact, Chris Brown was sentenced to a year in jail but he got credit for the 116 days he spent in rehab and the 59 days in spent in jail…

This is just the end of one part of the problem since Chris Brown has his assault case still pending, trial is expected to start in the new few months.

Anyway, now that he is out, he better put himself under check or else, he will be back behind the iron gates!

Chris Brown Has Been Sentenced to Over 4 Months in Jail

Chris Brown1

Music star-Chris Brown has just been sentenced to spend another 4-plus months in jail … for violating his probation in the Rihanna case … but the reality is, he could be released by week’s end.

For almost a month now, Chris Brown has been in jailing, waiting for today to determine his fate…

According to TMZ;

Brown was in court Friday afternoon … where he admitted he violated his probation by getting into a fight with a dude in Washington D.C.

That’s all the judge needed to hear. He sentenced Chris to 1 year in jail. HOWEVER, Chris got credit for 116 days he spent in rehab, and another 59 days behind bars. That leaves 131 days in the pokey. Read more

Karrueche Tran Goes Clubbing Alone While Chris Brown is in Jail

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran,25, was spotted in a red cleavage-baring dress and high heels going clubbing last night—and few days ago, she was in Washington DC to support boyfriend Chris Brown at his court hearing.

At Create Nightclub in Hollywood, CA she joined Christina Milian and rapper Fabolous to party hard—probably forgetting that, Chris Brown was still shaking in jail…

She was looking FAB though!

Karrueche Tran2

Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Found GUILTY of Assault & Chris’ Trial is Next

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s bodyguard-Christopher Hollosy was found guilty this morning of assault which means, Chris Brown’s trail is next per the Court’s schedule.

Christopher Hollosy had told police he punched the victim after he allegedly tried to get onto Brown’s tour bus … but the victim said that was never the case.

With Christopher Hollosy having been found guilty, Brown must be sweating now because if he is found guilty of misdemeanor assault/battery (which he denies punching the man) the judge in the Rihanna beating case could revoke his probation and sentence Brown to up to four years in jail.