Rapper Lil Wayne to Expand his Ever Growing Empire | Targets Cristiano Ronaldo as First Client of His Sports Marketing Firm

Lil Wayne In Hospital For Seizure 2012

These days all the top artists you can think of are also entrepreneurs, building multi faceted empires that rake in millions in revenue independent of their primary talent.

Jay Z and Diddy easily come to mind when you mention such artists, and Lil Wayne himself is no slouch either. It seems however, that the Young Money rapper is himself looking to broaden his horizons, with reports indicating he’s planning on founding a sports management company.

And like everything Lil Wayne has done in his career to date, the multiple Grammy award winning artist is aiming high with this new enterprise, targeting FIFA world player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo as his inaugural client.

According to TMZ, “Wayne’s company would be working with Polaris Sports- which is affiliated with the CAA agency and GestiFute, through which Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes operates”

The deal is for the company to handle all management affairs in the US, including branding, marketing, and endorsement deals.

It seems like two of the biggest global superstars are about to team up, and for a first client Cristiano Ronaldo is quite the catch. Forbes rates the Portuguese the 30th most powerful celebrity in the world, and he’s a two time FIFA World Player of the year winner, and one half of world football’s most noticeable brands, with Messi the other half.

For a company founded in the US, Weezy would go after clients in their more familiar sports; Basketball, and American Football and Baseball. But his first catch sends a pretty powerful message, and the Jay’s and Dre’s of this world better watch out, Weezy is catching up pretty fast.


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