Trouble in Paradise: Is Divorce on the Horizon for Jay-Z & Beyonce?

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It seems there is some trouble in paradise for the one of the world’s premiere power couples: Shawn Carter, whom we all know as Jay-Z, and Beyonce Knowles.

The couple have enjoyed a seemingly blessed marriage for a long time now, culminating in the birth of their first child Blue Ivy Carter just two years ago, yet rumours of trouble within their marriage started to circulate earlier this year after Beyonce’s sister Solange carried out her now infamous elevator attack on Jay.

The prevailing theory was that Jay_Z had cheated on Beyonce, prompting Solange’s fury. However the family came out to quell the rumours, claiming all was well and that the incident was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, the biggest hint yet of trouble has now emerged, from no less than Beyonce herself. Whilst performing in Cincinatti, Ohio, Beyonce changed some of the lyrics to her stage performance of ‘Resentment’, a song from her 2006 album B’Day. The song, about being cheated on and the feelings it brings, had some of its lyrics tweaked by Beyonce, making the 2006 song sound very much like a 2014 one, the changed words betraying thinly veiled innuendo.

The alteration which leaves very little doubt about Beyonce’s reference to current events, is when she changed “been riding with you for six years” to “been riding with you for twelve years”, ostensibly referencing the length of her relationship with Jay_Z, believed to have really hit ground in 2002.

The change did not go unnoticed by the crowd in attendance, who apparently roared at the change and the brazen manner in which Beyonce was sending her message. You can be sure the change did not go unnoticed by Jay either.

Beyonce was not done either, changing another line “I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good. Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could” to “I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good. Like I couldn’t do it for you like that whack bitch could”

Ouch! You can really feel the personal venom dripping out of that one, and whoever said “whack bitch” is, things are not going to go well for her if Beyonce or Solange gets her anywhere in physical proximity.

Outwardly everything seems well for the Carters, but it is undeniable something lurks beneath the shadow. One has to wonder the extent of pain involved for Beyonce to take such a bold public step.

And with this news out there now, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the she must be planning something, or she would have not showed her cards so easily. Is divorce really on the horizon for Jay_Z and Beyonce?


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