Lady Gaga Covers Harper’s Bazaar’s Icon Issue


Lady Gaga stunningly graces the cover of Haper’s Bazaar September 2014 issue.

The Born This Way singer dons a pink chanel dress, jacket, plus a matching hat. Gaga also once again displays her eccentricities as she was photographed with her puppy ‘Asia’ on the cover of September issue of Haper’s Bazaar.

Inside the publication, Gaga was interviewed by Karl Lagerfeld. She talked about being chosen as a fashion icon, her collaboration with Tony Bennett, and her inspiration from her puppy “Asia”.

On how her puppy “Asia” inspires her:

“Asia is my inspiration for many things. She has really shown me the importance of living in the moment. If I don’t, I’ll miss a precious look on her face! She is a very romantic and loving animal, and this sort of poetry is what art is all about, I think. Interaction. She loves to sit with me when I record jazz. She never barks or makes noise; she just looks at me with her big ears.”

On her collaboration with Tony Bennett:

“Tony has completely changed my life. It’s been a sort of secret that I’ve been singing jazz since I was 13. I was a jazz singer before I was a pop singer. Tony is such a gentleman. He really treats me like a lady. I feel so healed by my relationship with him because some men were very bad to me when I was young and in the studio. Tony showed me what the elegant and old-school cats were like. Our recording sessions were beautiful, memorable. We’ve built a deep friendship. There are 60 years between us, but when we sing together there is no distance. This album is pure jazz, songs from the Great American Songbook, played by both Tony and my respective jazz musicians and friends.”

On Being Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion icon:

“Classic for me is something that changes all the time, like a drifting anchor. Even though I’m changing all the time, I’m always thinking of iconography—which is repetition of images—so I’m always different. I’m in a way wearing the same outfit over and over, but I’m just a different expression of the same woman. When I leave the house, I bear the souls of fashionistas who came before me; I continue to live glamorously to celebrate them. I’m just being me.”

More pics from the shoot below…







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