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VIDEO: Ray J Talks About Missing Kim, Him Being Responsible For Her Success & More

Ray J And Kim K

Ray J is out there promoting his single-I Hit It First, and as usual, when he got air time on Joy Daily TV/Street Sweeper Radio, he decided to talk about her favorite person in the world-Kim Kardashian.

On whether or not he misses Kim, he said…
Nah, not at all. We was what we was and I think we got that in our life forever. Whatever we experienced in our life, that’s forever, right? But I do got respect. I still live a turned up life. We still make records, we stay in our lane, and we don’t bite our tongue as far as the music. That’s where you go to express yourself, but the respect is always there.

On whether or not Kim would’ve received her level of success without him, he said…
I think that if it wasn’t for God, we all wouldn’t be better.

Watch the full interview below

New Music Video: ‘‘I Hit It First’ By Ray J

Ray J-i Hit It First

Ray J is still pushing his nonsense and childishness. After releasing the not so necessary single ‘I Hit It First’ targeted at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, he has proceeded to release a visual for the song.

The video, not only does ray J throw into air several innuendos about his throwback relationship with Kim Kardashian,he even went as far as hired a Kim Kardashian look alike for the video…

Still, we say this is NOT necessary!

Check the video out below

Kim Kardashian Shows Bare Baby Bump For The First Time

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump

Maybe this will shut down any doubt that Kim Kardashian is not REALLY pregnant. For the first time, the Reality TV Star has shown her bare baby bump and I am sure Kanye West is more than proud.

Could it be a mere coincidence that the photo has out few hours after Ray J announced the release of his single-‘I Hit It First’, which takes a hit at Kanye West?

It looks like Kim Kardashian is sending a message back to Ray J, saying, even if you ‘I Hit It First’, he got me pregnant first…LOL

Beautiful though!

Ray J Tells Kanye West In New Single That ‘I Hit It First’

Ray J And Kim K

Kim Kardashian may be preparing to welcome Kanye West’s baby after having moved on from scandalous past life. But it seems her past is chasing her up, ready to destroy the happiness she has found.

Earlier today, Ray J has caused a stir online after he announced that he would be releasing his new single, “I Hit It First,”on Itunes at the top of next week.

The announcement was accompanied by the single’s cover art, which features a pixelated photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini and as we can all see, Ray J is sending out a message to Kanye West… I HIT IT First!

And so what? Move on man, she has moved on…

A snippet of the lyrics circulating the web includes the line:

She might move on to rappers and ballplayers
But we all know I hit it first.

I had her head going North and her ass going South
But now baby chose to go West

No matter where she goes or who she knows
She still belongs in my bed.

Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I’m finished/She’s on to Mr. West.

Ray J Single Art Work

Kim Kardashian

Listen to the song below

Ray J Breaks Down At Airport After Whitney Houston’s Funeral

The late Whitney Houston’s On-Off lover Ray J was seen distraught and inconsolable as he arrived at LAX airport with his sister Brandy following Whitney Houston’s funeral. The 31 one-year-old was supported and consoled by his body guard who came to his rescue.

Audio: Fabolous Speaks On Ray J Fight on Power 105


Lastnight on Power 105 radio, Fabolous called into DJ Clue’s show to set records straight on the “fight” that went down between himself Ray J (Brandy’s little brother) after the Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas.

Rumour has it that,  Ray J got pissed by a tweet that Fabolous sent out on his Twitter page saying  Ray J singing ‘One Wish’ in Floyd Mayweather’s living room

Listen to Fab’s side of how things went down!


Kris Humphries Run-Into His Wife’s Sex Tape Partner Ray J + A Buyer Offering $30 Mill For The Tape

According to Vivid Entertainment, the company who currently owns the  sex tape featuring Ray J and Kim Kardashian, a buyer has offered them $30 million to acquire the right to the sex tape. Gosh, some one really wanted to pay this huge amount of money for a sex tape?

It is also reported that the said buyer also wants to purchase any other video Vivid Entertainment has in their possession which involves Kim K so as to get the sex tape completely out of the market. Doesn’t this sound like someone from Kim K’s camp looking to buy the tape and kill it off?

Celebrity blog-TMZ also caught up with Ray J last night to get his thoughts on the situation and he claims that he would “absolutely” love for the tape to be taken off of the market.Though Ray J claims not to know the potential buyer, he thinks the tape is worth much more than $30 million…

On the flip side, a Hollywood airline agent recently booked Kim Kardashian’s newly wedded husband-NBA star Kris Humphries and Ray J  on the same commercial flight sitting across from each other on a 1st class flight from LA to New Orleans recently. And guess what? Read more