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New Video: Ashanti – ‘Let’s Go’

Ashanti Never Too Far Away

Ashanti is back!

The R&B singer has released a new song titled ‘Let’ Go’.

The song is the main theme of H2O campaign project, which raises awareness for the importance of drinking water.

Check out the video below…

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Top 7 ‘Off And On’ Celebrity Couples

Chris Brown And Rihanna In Hawaii For Birthday1

On-again Off-again relationship is a crazy love cycle whereby couples move back and forth in their relationship by breaking up and making up continuously. Couples find it hard to make a definite decision to call it quits because they are like a drug to each other. They go cold turkey in their relationship hiatus or break, and unfortunately fall into each other’s arms again.

Break up/Make up relationships are not uncommon in the celebrity world. There are hundreds of ‘epic’ and notorious on-again, off-again relationship in Hollywood but below are our top 7.

Nelly and Ashanti

Is there a better example than Nelly/Ashanti love affair? On-again Off-again relationship is now comically synonymous with the urban entertainers. The pair started dating way back in 2003. They went back and forth in their relationship for a decade before Ashanti decided that enough is enough.

During their 10-year on and off love affair, Nelly dated a number of women notably Lashontae Heckward, while Ashanti was also rumoured to be dating record producer Irv Gotti. Currently, Nelly is going out with Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson. Read more

Ashanti Spotted Holding Hands With A Mystery Man

Ashanti Holding Hands With Mystery man1

Ashanti was spotted leaving the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles 2 days ago, holding hands with a mystery man after a lunch date…

After Ashanti parted ways with rapper Nelly, she has come out to deny ever having a love relationship with him.

Whatever it is, we hope this mystery man stays! :-)

Ashanti Holding Hands With Mystery man2

Ashanti Still Insists, Nelly Was JUST A Friend

Ashanti Never Too Far Away

So even after the breakup, Ashanti still insists she and Nelly are mere friends…

Since day one, the two have been throwing shadows as to what they are, claiming they are just friends.

Ashanti recently stopped by Sway in the Morning, and when she was asked if her new album would touch on the breakup between her and Nelly, she questioned…

Who said we had a relationship? What you talkin’ ’bout Willis? The name of the album is Braveheart, I’ve been recording for a couple months now. I’m actually recording in Charleston, South Carolina, which is really cool. There’s a lot of heartfelt records on there. I think everybody can relate ’cause I’ve been writing my records since I came out, and everything has been from like real-life experiences, and I think that’s how people relate.

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Ashanti Spotted In NY, Looking GREAT!


RnB singer-Ashanti was spotted in NY 2 days ago,with her cute dogs.

Looking beautiful as always, Ashanti who has not dropped any hit for about two years now was full of smiles.

Her much awaited for album ‘Braveheart’ which she released the single ‘The Woman You Love’ from two years ago must still be work in progress.

For many, the release will not happen, considering the long wait and silence!


It Is Over Between Nelly & Ashanti, Nelly Has A New Girlfriend

Nelly new girlfriend tae_heckard

When we thought Nelly and Ashanti were going to go very far with their relationship, the two could not hold onto their 9 years of dating and have broken up.

What started as a rumour has been confirmed. Nelly is now dating model/actress Tae Heckard, and they somewhat confirmed the dating rumors after Tae posted up a photo with Nelly on her Instagram.

Nelly has known Tae for about 10 years now after they met on a video set.   The two remained friends and dated in between. Tae even tattooed Nelly’s nickname “Mo” on her lower back. This tattoo can be seen below, in her 2005 spread in Smooth Magazine.

Tae Nelly Girlfriend
If you are wondering who Tae is, she well known for her recurring role on BET’s The Game, as well as numerous videos.

Video: Ashanti Interviews Lupe Fiasco As She Takes On New Job As Fuse TV Host

Ashanti was great with music but then for the last few years, she seems to be finding satisfaction in media related work, serving as a Correspondent…

Few weeks ago, it was announced that Ashanti was joining the remarkable Fuse TV team. She has started as an an executive producer and host of a new entertainment show on Fuse TV.

For her first job,  she has sat down to chat with Lupe Fiasco…

I don’t think she was that bad…Check out the interview below

Photos: Ashanti & Nelly At DKMS Charity Gala

Thursday’s night at the DKMS Charity Gala held in New York City, Rapper Nelly and singer Ashanti posed on the red carpet for photos.

Despite the fact that they perfectly complement each other, they have not been able to come out to accept or deny whether they are together or not…

Maybe, we will know the truth when Nelly pops the question…And if it never happens, then we will be forced to think they were never together.

Ashanti Talks On Her Long Break From The Music Industry On Access Hollywood

Ashanti is on the promo trail and she has a lot to cover seeing as she’s being missing for a while. Ashanti talks to access Hollywood about what she did in the time she wasn’t in the forefront and her plans for the future. Ashanti looks and sounds amazing and no doubt from the snippet they gave the album will be nothing but jamming in time for spring and summer.

Check it…

Ashanti ft Busta Rhymes ‘The Woman You Love’

Many have waited patiently for Ashanti to release something fresh and new with her fifth studio album. Ashanti has obviously been putting in the hours with the best of the best. Check out Ashanti’s new track from her new album ‘The Woman You Love’ ft Busta Rhymes.


Video: Ashanti Covers Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ & ‘I Will Always Love You’

For all those who have always questioned or doubted the vocal abilities of Asahanti, this is a must see video. Ashanti over the weekend paid tribute to Whitney Houston with a rendition of ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Is this not talent? Wow!