Celebrities That Enjoy Gambling In Casinos

Casino Royale

If you have seen the Martin Scorsese movie Casino, then you will surely remember Sharon Stone who played Ginger McKenna Rothstein, the moll of Sam “Ace” Rothstein who was played by Robert De Niro. It was probably Stone’s greatest ever performance and she received an Academy Award for it.

But Sharon Stone’s casino experience doesn’t begin and end in Hollywood movies, she is a real life gambling and casino fan. Las Vegas is just a short flight from her home in the Hollywood Hills and she is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas casinos such as Caesar’s palace, the Bellagio and the Palms. She enjoys playing just about any game, though her favourite is poker. She often indulges in some high stakes poker games with her Hollywood friends and neighbours. She also owns a ranch in Australia, and when she is over there generally makes a point of visiting the Crown casino in Melbourne.

She is not alone. Many Hollywood celebrities are frequent visitors to the casinos, and like her many of them are fans of poker. It seems that gifted actors tend to be gifted poker players too, but then there is a considerable amount of acting in the game.

Two very glamorous Hollywood actresses who have made names for themselves as poker stars in various Las Vegas casinos are Jennifer Tilly (American Pie) and Shannon Elizabeth (Bullets over Broadway).

They are both frequent visitors to casinos such as the Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio and of course the Rio during the WSOP and have won huge amounts of money in poker tournaments.

Of course it isn’t just poker that attracts celebrities. Show Goldie Horn a roulette wheel and she can be playing all night long. But then she can afford to, especially as she is a frequent winner, according to her blog she is also quite lucky at blackjack.

Of course many celebrities prefer to have a little gamble in private on sites like LuckyNuggetCasino.com/au, this way any wins or losses can be a private affair.


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