Chris Brown Announces He May Quit Music After The Release Of His ‘X’ Album

Chris Brown Till I Die

Is Chris Brown trying to pull in more sales for his soon to be released album X, or does he really mean it when he says he will probably be quitting music after this album?

We’ve heard and seen several empty early retirement promises in the Entertainment industry, and therefore we are not going to take Chris Brown that much serious…

We will only believe it when it happens!

Chris Brown got his fans talking when he announced via twitter today that  he could very well be taking a break from music after the release of his X album.He tweeted:

Chris Brown to quit music

We think Chris Brown is just trying to get his fans to rush for his X album when it hits the stores—thinking that is his last.

But he used the word ‘probably, meanin’g, that may not be the last and we know it will not…


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