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Rihanna Returns Home From Hawaii+Chris Brown and Rihanna Spotted In Same Club…


Rihanna looks radiant and glowing as she was spotted in LAX returning from her escapades in Hawaii. The pop star looks rested and happy. I guess that what sun, sand, see and a smoke will do for you. Rihanna is so relaxed she even thought she would forgot to wear a strapless bra with her sheer strapless dress…maybe I’m asking too much of her to wear some underwear.



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Chris Brown Shows Off His Mouth Bling+Chris Brown Spotted With His Boo

This is what happens when you’re from the country and you got too much money I guess. Chris Brown shows us his mouth full of bling with this recent pic of his new grills plus some bling….a few weeks back C breezy got his first set of gold grills and tweeted:

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