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New Video: “Her Room” (Marvin’s Room Response) By Teyana Taylor

Drake dropped the official video of his ‘Marvin’s Room’ few days ago and it has been receiving good comments from the Drake fans.

To keep the ‘Marvin’s Room’ fever going, Teyana Taylor thinks releasing the video for her response song ‘Her Room’ around the same time when Drake’s video is on top is surely perfect and today she has unleashed her video. The video features Omarion as the lead man!

Below is Teyana Taylor’s ‘Her Room’ video…

Teyana Taylor “Her Room” Directed by TAJ & Mike Ho #TPK #oSm from Director | Mike Ho on Vimeo.

Celeb Photos: Teyana Taylor Shoots Video For ‘In Her Room’ With Omarion

Though some people have tagged Teyane Taylor’s song ‘In Her Room‘ a complete rip-off Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room‘, this has not killed any strength the singer is channelling towards the song…

Teyane Taylor has teamed up with Omarion who plays the lead man in the song for a video shoot said to perfectly complement the song.

Below are some of the photos from the video shoot.