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PHOTO: Beyonce, Solange, Her Mother ‘Tina’ & Cousin Spend July 4th Together In Houston

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles plus sister Solange, her cousin Angie Beyince and video director Melina Matsoukas jetted off to Houston immediately after their apperance at BET Awards…I mean Beyonce and Solange’s appearance…

While out there in Houston, they took the above cute family photo which was posted by Solange…They look like they are a band…A cute one though! :-)


Beyoncé’s Parents Finalise Their Divorce


After two years of separation, Beyonce’s parents have finalised their Divorce. In Dec, 2009, Mathew and Tina Knowles decided to end their 29-year marriage saying “If anyone is expecting an ugly messy fight, they will be sadly disappointed,”

If you can remember, things got complicated and rigid after Mathew confirmed that he had fathered a love child during a 18-month affair. Then, in Nov, 2010, the two seemed to have come back together after missing a hearing…

Now, it is all finalized and they can go their separate way as they await Beyonce’s baby in 2012.

The Show Must Go On: Promo Footage Of Beyonce’s Pulse Fragrance

In Beyonce’s world, the show must go on. Beyonce strutted her bootylicious stuff on the dance floor for the promotional party of her new Pulse fragrance. Beyonce, Mom Tina and Lil sister Solange partied it up this month at the Pulse promo afterparty.

Check the video below and pics below!

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Beyonce’s House Of Dereon Comes To The UK…

So it seems there was more to Beyonce’s recent shopping trip in London Selfridges than was thought. First launched in 2005, Beyonce’s joint clothing venture with her mum Tina Knowles is set to launch its autumn/winter 2011 collection in London Selfridges.

When asked about the new range to be launched here in the UK in September the business pair explained that: The look for the House of Dereon autumn/winter 2011 collection is inspired by their idea of a “city jungle” with leopard, snake and African rose prints, which blend “tribal cues with edgy silhouettes.”

“The combination of colours, exotic prints and silhouettes make for a cohesive collection with tremendous appeal,” the Telegraph quoted Tina Knowles as saying. “Beyonce and I are so proud of the line-up and we can’t wait to see the consumer’s response and how she makes it her own.”

The clothing line hasn’t been much of a hit in recent and it appears the mother and daughter duo are making efforts to revamp and relaunch its image. The prices are said to start at £80 and highly anticipated. I can’t say any of what I’ve seen is hugely appealing to me but i’ll wait and see what the full collection has to say!

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Celeb Photos: Beyonce In France, Fans Fall Down In A Race To Catch A Glimpse

Beyonce is out in France where she is said to be rehearsing for her upcoming album ‘4’ promo concerts…

Today in Niche Airport, France, as Beyonce and her entourage including her Mum ‘Tine Knowles’ walked through the Airport, fans chased the super star up and down to catch a glimpse.

As seen in the photos below, fans went down on the floor in their race to catch the star…

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