Solange Knowles Is Threatened With A Gun By Miami Police!

Seems the Miami Police have messed up and pulled a gun on the wrong woman.

It was reported that in the early hours of the morning Solange Knowles revealed what she described as frightening experience she had with cops in Miami. It was reported that the singer had a weapon drawn on her by a cop while she was returning from an event and vows not to rest until the matter is investigated.

Her Twitter Post Read:

“I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police!” “Miami police department will be notified. A police officer just pulled a weapon on me…. I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort. I am simply tired of police using arrogance, ego and authority as an offence.”

“I’m only tweeting this to raise awareness. I could have left quietly, but I am sick and tired of this scenario being played over and over again. I’m ok. I’m safe and sound at my apartment. I’m just beyond frustrated with the system. It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. I’m going to die trying! Been on the phone for the last 20 minutes reporting this incident. Yes, I have the officer’s name. Yes, I have the location. Scare tactics don’t WORK.”

Wow…well we can say that’s real bad but how surprising is it. I hope she does take it as far as she can and will not be the pessimist in saying it will come to nothing.



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