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50 Cent Says Beck Deserves the Grammy Over Beyonce


50 Cent has weighed in on the ongoing Beyonce/Beck Grammy Album of the Year controversy. His longtime rival Kanye West stated that Beyonce deserved the highly-coveted award over Beck, the winner.

50 Cent however disagree with the ‘Only One’ artist. He thinks Becks deserves the award because he solely wrote and produced the album while Beyonce had a team of writers and producers on her self-titled album.

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VIDEO: 50 Cent’s Baby Mama-Shaniqua Tompkins Says It All…Says 50 Cent Has Not Seen Son in 2 Years, His Childhood Has Made Him Bitter Towards Her & MORE

Shaniqua Tompkins

Whatever it is, 50 Cent should have attended his son’s graduation—that is something a child will never forgot.

Last Friday, 50 Cent’s baby’s mother-Shaniqua Tompkins decided to grant her first radio interview in response 50′s claims that she didn’t invite him to his son’s graduation.

During the interview, she also talked about how 50 Cent physically abused her in front of her children, talked about whether or not 50 Cents pays her $20,000 a month, mentioned that 50 Cent’s abandonment issues from childhood is the reason why the music star is bitter towards her and other things…

Check out the excepts from the interview…

On 50 Cent missing his son’s graduation because she didn’t invite him:

I didn’t know a parent needs an invitation to a graduation. I think you make time for what you want to make time for. You know your son is in the 12th grade. You know that children, depending on the state, graduate May, June-ish. You’re busy, but that’s why you have assistants. The assistants can call the school and you can fly on your private jet with your big gold chain.

He’s privy to the same information that I’m privy to as a parent. You can call the school or have your assistant call. I’m not being condescending. It was no tickets. It was on the lawn of the school. People that I did invite, they stood on the side to watch the graduation. You could’ve been there. That’s your choice. And being that you said you paid tuition — which he doesn’t — you should’ve had a first class ticket then. You paid tuition, right? But he doesn’t. He pays child support. He doesn’t pay tuition. He promised me, but then he changed his mind. Like, I told him I wanted Marquise to change schools because I felt like the school he was going to was getting a little rough. Read more

DOING GOOD: 50 Cent Pays For The Funeral Of Teenage Girl Gunned Down On A Bus


50 Cent deserves to be clapped for and thanked as he touched the hearts of a family whose teenage girl was gunned down on the bus in Queens this week in an extra-ordinary way.

A 14-year-old D’aja Robinson was killed by a stray bullet after leaving a Sweet 16 party last weekend.

The tragic incident caught the attention of many, including 50, who reached out to her parents and offered to pay for the funeral. Though this will not bring their child back, it surely is a relief.

50 Cent wrote on his Facebook:

‘People always try and paint negative images about me. I’m the most genuine down to earth person and I didn’t forget where I came from. I came through for baby girl by providing a horse and carriage for her. She was pretty, innocent and didn’t deserve to die like that R.I.P D’Asia Robinson.’

After footing the funeral bill, 50 Cent showed up at the funeral to mourn with the parents and pay his respect.

The family posted:

I would like to thank 50cent for coming and showing his respects at Daja Robinson’s Funeral. R.I.P baby girl, we all mourn your death!!!!


50 Cent Says His Recent Twitter Feud With Floyd Mayweather Jnr Was A Publicity Stunt

50 Cent and his business partner/friend Floyd Mayweather Jnr. took the headlines after they attached each other on twitter

Though most people believe it is a genuine feud, 50 Cent has revealed that his recent beef with boxer Floyd Mayweather on twitter was all a publicity stunt created by Floyd.

According to 50 Cent, Mayweather asked him to send out those tweets about him because no one was giving him any attention since he was released from prison for domestic violence.

Do you really believe this?

50 Cent & Best Friend/Business Partner Floyd Mayweather Jr. Have Broken Up…

50 Cent’s business and personal relationship with boxer-Floyd Mayweather Jnr. has come to an end. 50 Cent decided to tell the world about his break up with Floyd Mayweather last night.

Using his twitter account; he sent the below tweets…

Though it is not clear as to what really caused the break up, rumour has it that, the break up was unavoidable the moment 50 started picking business moves with Mayweather’s boxing rival-Manny Pacquiao.

Whatever it is, we surely won’t be seeing Mayweather and Fiddy doing it together again.

Floyd Mayweather Freed From Jail Today

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has be let out of jail this morning after serving about 2 months out of his 3 months sentence for behaving good behind bars.

Floyd was sentenced to jail in December over a domestic violence incident in 2012, when he beat up his baby mama in front of their kids. However, the judge allowed Floyd to turn himself in on June 1st, so he could fight Miguel Cotto on May 5th, a fight which Floyd Mayweather won.

This morning, Floyd’s boys including 50 Cent picked him up from jail…

Go and be a good man Floyd!

New Music: ‘New Day’ By 50 Cent Feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys

This new single is from 50 Cents’ upcoming album-Street King Immortal

Floyd Mayweather Showers Girlfriend With Birthday Gifts From Prison

Floyd Mayweather, who is currently serving a prison sentence for domestic assault, has managed to pay for expensive gifts for his girlfriend Shantel Jackson’s birthday party in Las Vegas.

The gifts include a $30,000 specially designed birthday cake…

This is how NY Post’s Page Six puts it;

Mayweather, who’s serving a three- month sentence for domestic battery against an ex-girlfriend, paid for the 10-person dinner at N9ne Steakhouse at the Palms Casino Resort Wednesday night, where Jackson was presented with a cake in the shape of a $30,000 alligator Balenciaga bag.

Mayweather also gave Jackson a diamond watch, bracelet and ring, which friend and dinner guest 50 Cent photographed and posted on his Twitter feed. Jackson, an aspiring actress, will star with Fitty in the upcoming movie “Freelancers,” which stars Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker, due out in August.

Fitty also acquired a New York promoter’s license for boxing last week, and recently founded TMT (The Money Team) Promotions with Mayweather. Reports swirled yesterday that TMT would promote fighters including Mayweather once he gets out of jail, which is expected to happen Aug. 3.

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50 Cent Reveals New Album Cover: ‘5 Murder By Numbers’

Mr. Jackson has finally released some promo pics for his long awaited fifth album entitled ‘5 Murder By Numbers’. Due for release on the 3rd of July. During a radio interview 50 stated:

I’m releasing my album July 3rd, whether is has commercial promotions or not…

The Frustrated rapper went on to say…

My birthday is July 6 and I planned for it. And I’m doing everything that I planned to do regardless if its huge airplay or not. I could care less, I’m putting the record out.

All kinda makes sense now him being pally pally with Ms O!

Video: Rapper 50 Cent Talks About Love & Naming His Dog ‘Oprah’ On ABC

50 cent cannot be predicted…Why name your dog ‘Oprah’? Last friday, 50 made a guest appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ to discuss his new anti-bullying book-Playground.

Check out some of the things he talked about whiles on there below

On whether he’s ever accidentally told someone ‘I Love You’

Probably the first time, every time. I think that when a man says ‘I love you’ the first time, he means ‘This really feels good’. It’s like “This friendship is good”. Take it like something really interesting is happening and I am confused. After [a man] says it a few times to you and he says it to himself, then he believes it. It’s such a big commitment. It does mean something.

On naming his dog ‘Oprah’

It started out negative ’cause I thought Oprah didn’t like Hip-Hop culture. I got the dog and now I love Oprah. i started to feel like I didn’t like her and I hadn’t met her.

Fiddy Cent Does Jet Magazine & Promotes New Biography

In this month’s edition of JET magazine, the man of many entertaining talents, Fifty cent dishes the dirt on his upcoming book ‘50 Cent Playground: The Mostly True Story of a Reformed Bully’. During the interview 50 explains that he wrote the book he hopes will encourage kids to think about the reasons behind bullying and how it impacts communities. He tells the American weekly urban magazine:

“I was [a bully] at different points during my childhood,” the 36-year-old shares. “I was dealing with my emotions the wrong way. From a child’s perspective, you don’t understand. As an adult, you get that’s not the way to deal with things.”

“The story follows Butterball, a youngster who hits a kid on the playground… with a sock full of batteries. Butterball comes from a broken household and is dealing with relocating and feelings of powerlessness. “It’s for everyone,” he adds”.

“My son is 15, and I have conversations with him about things like this. He isn’t being bullied, but he meets people who have expectations of him because of the aggressive energy that I have and the content of the material I create. They look at him like he’s supposed to be like that,” he shares. “But he’s not. He doesn’t even know what it feels like to need for something. When we didn’t have any money, he was too young to notice.”