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Video: Rapper 50 Cent Talks About Love & Naming His Dog ‘Oprah’ On ABC

50 cent cannot be predicted…Why name your dog ‘Oprah’? Last friday, 50 made a guest appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ to discuss his new anti-bullying book-Playground.

Check out some of the things he talked about whiles on there below

On whether he’s ever accidentally told someone ‘I Love You’

Probably the first time, every time. I think that when a man says ‘I love you’ the first time, he means ‘This really feels good’. It’s like “This friendship is good”. Take it like something really interesting is happening and I am confused. After [a man] says it a few times to you and he says it to himself, then he believes it. It’s such a big commitment. It does mean something.

On naming his dog ‘Oprah’

It started out negative ’cause I thought Oprah didn’t like Hip-Hop culture. I got the dog and now I love Oprah. i started to feel like I didn’t like her and I hadn’t met her.