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Halle Berry Flips + Gives The Papz The Middle Finger

Halle Berry must be getting tired of all the attention and camera flashes. Sometimes, I understand celebrities when they flip at Paparazzi for stalking them, but that is the job of the papz isn’t it?

The funny part of the whole hide and seek is that, there comes a time when the celebrities also go looking for attention from the papz, and Halle Berry is one of such celebrities…Some times, she loves the papz, and sometimes she seems to get tired of them…

Halle is reported to have gone mad, flipped and gave the paparazzi the middle finger outside her daughter Nahla’s school in Los Angeles yesterday (Wednesday, 9th May, 2012). She got so upset and went hard on the papz for stalking her and her 4 year old daughter…

Sources close to her told E! that lately the photographers have gotten out of hand.

 ”It is inappropriate for these people to stalk a child’s school everyday. They pushed too far [today],” the source said. “Halle felt that her daughter was being threatened. Having words with someone who is stalking your family is not out of line.”

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Halle Berry Wants To Move To France To Hide Nahla’s Autism?

Despite the custody battle over Nahla between Oscar winning actress Halle Berry and the father-Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry has stated that she wants to move to Paris, France with her baby because of privacy issues…

I think about moving to Paris. I want Nahla to grow up in quiet environment, where she’s not followed by paparazzi or stalkers,” Halle told the German magazine In“As opposed to the US, there are stricter laws in France which prevent such encroachments into my private life

However, infamous celebrity blogger-Sandra Rose thinks the main reason why Halle Berry is moving is to hide the Austism condition of Nahla…According to Sandra Rose,

But sources say Halle is really moving to France in an effort to hide her daughter’s autism from her fans.

It must be mentioned that,  Halle has dismissed such rumors, saying she and Nahla are learning to speak the French language together in preparation for their move and that, Nahla is really picking up on French quick.

Halle Berry’s Baby Dad Asking For HUGE Money From Her To Get Roof Over His Head

Halle Berry’s baby Dad-Gabriel Aubry wants their 3 year old daughter-Nahla to live in surroundings to which she has become accustomed and to pay for this his Halle… At least that is what he is demanding.

According to TMZ ‘Gabriel wants in the way of $$$ — and it’s a lot.  We’ve learned Aubry has filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 – $20,000 a month for a proper home.

Gabriel has also asked for a laundry list of other things from Halle, including what we’re told is a “very large” amount of money for the little girl’s clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family’.

Halle Berry is not ready to give in on this, she has vowed to fight with all she has to make sure Gabriel’s request does not materialize.

The hearing on the money issues was scheduled for Monday, but it’s now been pushed  to April 9, in part because the family law judge wants to see what the dependency judge does to Gabriel.

Proud Celeb Dads: Swizz Beatz & Gabriel Aubry

Check out these three cuties! Sons of producer/rapper Swizz Beatz, real name Kasseem Daoud Dean shows his three boys on twitter who he has by three different women, which of course is no reason not to be a proud dad. By the looks of things Swizz Beatz is also making sure they all spend as much time together as possible plus he gets to show off his ride!

His eldest son Prince Nasir is 11 with mother Nicole Levy, his second son Kassem Dean Jr is 5 with mother Mashonda Tifrefe and his last son (for now) Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean was born on October 14, 2010 with RnB singer Alicia keys. Swizz Beats is also father to three year old Nicole Dean who he fathered with singer and producer Jahna Sebastian. That is one man busy man! Four baby mama’s?! Damn!

Another not-so-happy ending situation but still a proud father is Gabriel Aubry, ex-man of Halle Berry, picks up his daughter during the school run. The two had three year old Nahla but split recently.