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Celebs Spotted: Rihanna Does Lady In Red in NYC

Not quite dressed like a typical lady, Rihanna was last night spotted in NYC coming out of Da Silvano restaurant in her red sweater and trousers ensemble, which she teams with Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary Capsule collection. These patent leather round toe oxfords are eccentric but compliments her outfit perfectly.

Rihanna Lashes Out At Reporter For Overstepping The Mark+Rihanna Spotted On A Late Coffee Binge

I’m sure Rihanna’s camp have given up on trying to even put a gag over Rihanna’s big mouth during interviews for lashing out. During Rihanna’s recent interview this years June issue of Esquire magazine, the inevitable Chris Brown recent ‘birthday cake’ track collaboration came up. I’m trying to understand how the mouthy RnB star thought no one would have anything to say about the callabo. Though the violent incident happened more than three ago, working with him on such a racy track was risky and people want to know what possessed her to make such a dodgy career move. The interview started off quire calmly, but it’s obvious the journalist obviously hit a nerve when Rihanna attempted to change the subject when the C word came up.

Then things got real nasty…

I’m gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it – and I lived it for me- and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I’m not here to [talk] about messy shit.

A few days later Rihanna is obviously keeping her strength up for the next stand off…Ms Fenty was spotted looking slimmer, without make-up, bodyguards or her hangers on! That’s a first…Rihanna was spotted out in Santa Monica looking VERY casual.


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Rihanna Releases Teaser Promo Pics For New Nude Perfume+Rihanna Spotted Ravin It Up ‘With’ Chris Brown

Rihanna happily tweeted about her photo shoot for her new perfume taken on Friday. I can’t say I’m especially stunned by the pics considering the controversy the 24-year-Old antagonist RnB singer caused with her last perfume ‘Rebel’. The new perfume, named ‘NUDE’ is apt for her continuous need to flash the flash. Rihanna worked her Blonde ambition for during the promo pics which about the only attractive feature of the photo shoot.

It seems for Rihanna and her peeps (we’ll do good to remember Rihanna didn’t become who she is today all by herself) seems more concerned about the image branding of the the perfume as oppose to the actual scent, this is going by her previous attempts at perfumery…BUT we wait and see to have a sniff and give our verdict.

Rihanna keeps the blonde wig and continues to party hard…it’s a case of working hard and playing hard for the RnB Pop star. On the night in question when these pics were taken, it was another case of coincidence as Rihanna was said to be partying at LA’s Club ‘My Studio’ only yards away from Mr. Breezy who was raving it up over at Supper Club. Gosh they do keep ‘bumping’ into each other, I guess that town aint big enough for the both of em.

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Rihanna Poses For UK’s Esquire Magazine

If it requires stripping off and posing sensually, Rihanna is GAME! Ms Fenty will be seen doing what she does best in July’s UK edition of Esquire, released in June. Shot here in London East London, Rihanna offers an exclusive candid interview.

Celebs Spotted: Rihanna Returns Home From London Trip+Usher Takes A Trip To South Africa

Another day another absurd Rihanna outfit. The words ‘TACKY and DESPERATE’ spring to mind for this hideous outfit and we are surely all past the point of being shocked by Ms. Fenty’s adodgy wardrobe choices. Well can at least have a good ole laugh at her expense. The RnB Pop star was spotted in New York after recently returning from her London trip. Rihanna had supposedly gone out for a bite to eat can you imagine sitting in that restaurant with Rihanna sitting exposing her baps while you eat your spaghetti…NO THANKS!!

On a lighter more down to earth note…Mr. Raymond was photographed in South Africa this week as he prepared for his concert in Soweto this weekend. Looks like Usher found time for a little bit of play before his work as he was seen visiting a South Africa adventure park. He later tweeted:

“If ya’ll didn’t know I love owls. Eagle owls are one of my favorites. Say what up to “Howdidit” and “Hootie Hoo.”

Usher also found time to visit Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in whilst he was in Cape Town for more photo ops…though the two appeared relaxed and happy as he continued his touring around the country before his real work begins.

More pics of Rihanna and Usher after the jump!

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